Meet SAM, A Precious Pit Bull In Need of A Loving Home

by on January 16, 2015

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Sam, A Pit Bull Needing a home

(Jan 15, 2015) This article is about a dog, a two to three year old black and white Pit Bull Terrier* and his name is Sam.Sam needs a forever home because he’s spending his days and nights at the Palo Alto Animal Services Shelter,He’s been there since late June of 2014.

If you go to the web page for him, they refer his being “found by a citizen.” That citizen would be me.

One day I had returned my Enterprise rental car to their Stanford College satellite office (Yes, there is an Enterprise Rental Car office on the north side of campus, but it’s pricier than their neighboring offices) and was walking to work. It was only a few miles so I thought I would enjoy the day with a nice walk.

But about a mile or so into my walk I spied a dog just walking along the same path I was on, sniffing at what ever got his attention, flowers, butterflies or what have you and he was leisurely plodding towards me.

It was a black and white Pit Bull but knowing what I do about Pits, I wasn’t worried at all*.

At first I thought he might have belonged to some service guys I spotted working at the back of an apartment-like complex we were passing by. He was that relaxed and mellow.

(REMEMBER, let the dog come to you if you are on an intersecting path. See how they are about meeting you before intruding on their day. Read their body english before trying anything stupid)

We crossed paths… he came up to me and sniffed me, I kneeled down next to this beautiful Pit Bull and pet him for a few minutes. He was really, really mellow about things.

After we spent a few minutes hanging out, we split up and went our separate ways. As I was leaving I was going to comment to the guys I mentioned earlier what a cool dog they had, but it turned out it was not their dog.


I watched the dog who was later to be named Sam saunter away and I looked around, but no one was around doing that jackass method of “walking” their dogs via psychic connection while their dog roamed the neighborhood.

So I went after Sam.

“Hey!” He looked at me, waited for me to catch up and I asked him where home was.

NO, I was not looking for him to reply. This is not a Disney animated flick. (I hope) But sometimes dogs know the word “home” and lead the way.

Nope. He was busy exploring the world with not a care in the world.

Now I was confused. He was well maintained and manicured, not hungry and was a very sweet animal, even around other dogs that were being walked.

(REMEMBER, if you catch a stray dog, warn other dog walkers around you that THIS IS NOT YOUR DOG and you don’t know how he or she is around other dogs.)

I scoured a nearby apartment complex looking for signs or people looking for a dog. I asked the on-site grounds keeper about the dog but he did not recognize him.

So… after a few seconds, I knew I could not leave this dog on the street. I used my belt as a make-shift leash and snagged him.

So there I was, my belt being used as a make shift leash, I’m holding up my pants with the other hand, hanging on to a back pack and trying to call my wife to come get us.


“Yea, and don’t bring our dog with you when you come. Just in case.”

All the while, aside from the occasional sniff of something off the path (which I had no option of not going to sometimes), we waited.

He was a powerful but well-tempered pup as we sat on the curb like a boy and his dog, waiting for our ride.

Our ride showed up and as I pointed to the back seat and Sam hopped on in. I got in next to him, then he curled up next to me on my lap.We headed to a nearby veterinarian office to check for a microchip in Sam, but to no avail. There was no chip installed.

(REMEMBER, always get your pup chipped and always check on your chip info every year. Add your chip to any moving checklist you might use, so you update your new address in your chip database.)

After that we searched for a good shelter to drop the pup off and have kept close tabs on Sam in the shelter. At the time when we rescued him, there was no way we could have kept Sam or we would have taken him in.

Since then, we’ve kept our eye on Sam in the shelter. The staff at the facility have been working with Sam, training him to be an even better pup for his future furever home.

But he needs your help finding a home where he can be appreciated and loved. A home where they understand the true nature of just how sweet and loving a well cared for Pit Bull can be.

*KEEP IN MIND: Pit Bulls are not the monsters the media makes everyone believe they are, but rather, a product of their environment. And sometimes those environments are filled with terrible humans who teach them terrible habits and treat them horribly.

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