Mega Python vs. Gatoroid on Syfy, A Review

by on January 29, 2011

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Mega Python vs Gatoroid movie poster

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid was the Original Saturday Night movie (1/29) on the Syfy Channel and it opens with Debbie Gibson… I mean Dr. Riley stealing a snake, gets into a cop chase that didn’t last too long, gets away and she and her team release all their stolen snakes back into the wild.  She’s a wee bit obsessive about saving the snakes.

We then see the first death in Mega Python vs. Gataroid as Bubba the dog is eaten by a large snake.

We meet Tiffany, as Park Ranger Terry.  After a few incidents with snakes, she makes it open season on snakes with the local hunters.  Park ranger vs environmentalist!  This doesn’t bode well for the girls and they butt heads over the differing perspectives in this Syfy Channel Original Saturday night movie.

I’m not sure what it means, but Kathryn Joosten (Mrs McCluskey from Desperate Housewives) is in it… Micky Dolenz (Of The Monkees fame) is also in it.

The movie takes place in the Florida Everglades as the local folks find themselves besieged by giant pythons.

Deborah Gibson and Tiffany in Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

The movie event on Syfy Channel had Debbie Gibson and Tiffany hosting the event and making side cracks during the commercial breaks.  At one point, a joke is made about Tiffany’s fiancee being eaten and Debbie Gibson cracks, I think you’re alone now.  LOL.

Then, in the movie, Tiffany’s character decides to even the odds against the giant snake infestation and feeds steroids to the gators so they will grow larger and then in turn, eat the large snakes.  Hence the term , Gatoriod!  But then the gators lay steroid-ridden eggs, and the snakes get bigger.  They all have their Hulk-out enlarging scenes with a catchy tune in the background sung by one of the girls, I’m sure.  Now we have some serious problems folks!

The movie is peppered with quips and snips while snakes and gators have at.

Not To be Taken Too Seriously

This is a classic Syfy movie that continues to pay homage to the classic older popcorn monster flick.  Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is directed by Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary I & II).

It looks like the money was spent more on the cast then the special effects…  but that’s OK, the basic premise of giant reptiles fighting  and pop-stars tangling was what this movie was about.

I’ve seen a few reviews out there and I’m thinking some folks aren’t getting it.  These aren’t movies that are on any scale with other productions.  They’re in a class all by themselves.  They’re in a zone of fun, popcorn, Saturday night movies.  The kind of movie the gang gathers around the TV with pizza, beer, popcorn and an appreciation for the fun of the sub-par!   Even the production company, The Asylum made fun of themselves when a giant snake bit a blimp with the production company logo on it.

Have fun with it gang…


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