Men Who Kill Poodles With Bricks Should Rot in Hell

by on September 7, 2012

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On March 26th 2012, A Peninsula man named Marcos Montano-Topete, walked up to his 16-year-old neighbor, telling her he was sick of her dog and that he had hit the dog, Globsis. A 5-year-old poodle.

The neighbor called the cops and they arrived, finding the dog in a pool of its own blood, whimpering and convulsing, it’s snout caved in. The animal had to be euthanized because of its injuries. He had multiple skull fractures from the blunt force trauma attack.

The man admitted to beating the dog. His excuse was that the dog had impregnated his own dog three different times.

As it stands, there’s enough evidence to bring the man to trail, where he could end up with three years in prison for felony intentional animal cruelty.

Personally, I hope the f*r gets as much time as they can give him. I’m not sure what kind of human animal can beat an animal with a brick in the head. That’s an aspect of humanity I don’t get.

I’ve been watching the TV series Sons of Anarchy and I’m on the “eye for an eye” bandwagon these days. I know we can’t do that, but emotionally, I feel like he needs to be left in a ditch.

The Pragmatic Side

OK… first up, there might have been ways for Marcos to protect his yard and dog from his neighbors dog. And I understand that the poodle owner probably could have done something also to prevent this. It sounds like the dog ran loose.

But this took two to tango. But like most animals who are mere victims of the human setting they’re pulled into, it truly sucks that this animal had to be beaten like this because the man was sick of her dog.

Sure, I’m a softie at heart. No living creature should have to endure this kind of situation. Ever. And our pets are considered members of the family. They aren’t just animals. ‘Nuff said. This is my little buddy…

Dog - Mans Best Friend - A Black Labrador Retreiver

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