Menlo Park’s New Trash Cans Look Great, But Smell Awful

by on May 10, 2012

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Dear Menlo Park, or to whom it may concern:

Menlo Park TrashCans

A few months ago you came along and replaced the old, grungy Fremont Park trash cans with brand new, open-top trash cans that seem to deal with two obvious issues:

-Ease of discarding trash

-They look great

-The good citizens of Menlo Park never need touch another trash can again!

OK, three. Along with the new trash cans, you also put in new park benches, and I have to say, aside from the homeless camping out in the back corner these days, the place is looking pretty spiffy.


I’m not fond of the handles placed in the middle of the new benches… They are in the way, but that’s minor compared to what the trash cans are doing.

As the weather gets warmer, more and more folk are heading out and enjoying the outdoors. That’s all great and dandy, and with the warmer weather and more folks out and about, there’s more trash in the new trash cans.

And with the warmer weather, comes warmer trash. And as my wife and I have recently experienced, with the heat, comes a raging stink from the open-top trash cans that makes sitting on some of the new park benches rather unbearable!

Wow, That’s One Strong Odor!

Menlo Park Trash cansThose new trash cans look awesome but have no way of keeping the trash odor in, and on a few occasions, we’ve been forced to not sit at our favorite park bench because of the stench.

What worries me more though is how will this affect the Menlo Park 2012 Summer Concert Series in the park? People will be lingering around all the trash can installments and that may not work out too well for their olfactory senses!

I guess you will have to deploy workers to clean the cans up just before each concert and as you always do each year, send someone to clean up the park early the next morning. But will this be enough? The cans are quite aromatic to say the least just on the weekends, and with warmer weather coming, I’m not sure how eager I might be to test my snout sensitivity each time I want to go to the park.

And in the long run, will the citizenry have to just put up with the stench from here on out?

I hope not!

But that’s my two cents. I hope it’s worth something! (What with inflation and all…)

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