Merlin Season 5 Is On Its Way to Syfy (w/ Premiere Date)

by on September 30, 2012

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Merlin season 5 premiere date - pictured Colin Morgan as Merlin

Folks have been asking what’s up with Merlin, season 5 returning to Syfy. Merlin is a collective of tales about the famous magic user in his younger days, as he grows up alongside the young and now King, Arthur.

It stars John Hurt‘s voice as the wise dragon, Colin Morgan as Merlin and Bradley James as Arthur, with the beautiful Katie McGrath as Morgana.

Season 5 of Merlin will be premiering on Syfy in January of 2013:

In the fifth season, it’s being reported that it will take place a wee bit down the road in time, Mordred will be returning, there could be more dragons, it’s going to get darker than it traditionally has been. We’ll also be seeing the Saxons, the Great Seas of Meredor and some magic wolves.

And so forth and so on.

Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath in Merlin on Syfy

The Merlin Wikia has a pretty comprehensive collection of notes on the upcoming season or series 5. More than I’m willing to spout here as it starts becoming more of a serious amount of story spoilers. But hey, if interested, proceed at your own risk and enjoy the number of Merlin season 5 spoilers!

[merlin.wikia] [Syfy Twitter]

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