Michael Bay Forced To Speak About His Ninja Turtle Movie

by on August 31, 2012

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 01

Donatello: “OMG! Now we’re space aliens!!!???”

Yes, there’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie being manhandled or produced, by Michael Bay. Yes, as usual, either a sneaky marketing ploy or completely untrustworthy studio staffer stole a copy of an early script and unleashed it on the internet.

And people didn’t approve, for many reasons, that I don’t think I need going into here.

But now Michael Bay piped in about the production, which is pretty rare. He pipes in when he really has to and when he does, he sometimes lets loose on his opinion on various websites “reporting” practices. (Which aren’t inaccurate.)

Anyway, Bay comes out to say that the script everyone’s panties are in a bunch about is not the script he’s working with. Though I find it funny he let the world drizzle on and on about it. Which I like. It’s always funny to watch people going on and on about something they’re wrong about. Kind of like excessive editing.

But what is Michael Bay doing to the franchise?

Who knows.

Does he stick to the same old outline of the franchise that we’ve time and time again in cartoons and movies? Or does he twist it up and make it fresh?

Does he stick to trying to coddle the fan base or look to sway the rest of the movie genre fan?

As any studio may have learned, just because the fan base goes nuts in excitement about a project, that does not mean financial success. Many a studio can attest to that from the monies they’ve spent on marketing and what not at San Diego Comic Con. Sure, fan boys can rave all they want about a project. But they may only number in the thousands, while the rest of the core of movie fans numbers in the millions.

Too often I’ve seen how some websites slather praise and glee upon a project coming out. But those few sites are more geared towards trying to produce quotable statements than much more than that. And more often than not, they’re run by fan boys, visited by fan boys and so on.

That’s not a criticism, but rather, a demographic perspective or observation.

When there’s an online survey about space alien robots, there are two kinds of folks who might participate in those surveys. Space alien robot fans and those who live to bash space alien robot movies. So the survey can be skewed. Those who enjoy a good love story usually won’t participate in something about something that doesn’t interest them.

So at the moment, the fervor about The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is probably evidenced by focused fans. Not general movie fans. We need to hang on to our britches and wait to see what really comes of it.

Bay has a history of creating money making movies, regardless of what movie critics & reviewers say about his projects. But that’s because Bay has a huge following of folks who trust that his levels of popcorn fun will rise above the noise of the rest. That, and billions in box office bucks pretty much says movie fans are giving the finger to his critics.

So we’ll see how things go. Internet unrest does not spell doom. It only says that a segment of franchise fans aren’t happy about their beloved project being tweaked.

Then again, who likes change? Life is change, growth is optional. And we don’t always like that growth.

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