Michael Bay “says” That ‘Transformers 2’ Was “Crap”

by on March 7, 2011

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A Pragmatic Opinion

When Michael Bay was filming Transformers 2, he was significantly hampered by the writer’s strike, yet he forged forward to meet his release deadlines, pulling the project together during a time when this strike was destroying other movies and getting decent quality TV series canceled along the way.

But when Transformers 2 came out, despite doing very well at the box office, literary giants were aiming their high-brow movie-review flame throwers at the project and roasting it alive. (I might have snookered something in there myself at first too, so I was part of the blame game.)

Sure, there were issues and there were huge logistical gaps between scenes. Folks decided they had enough time to dwell on and be offended by the twins. I get it. But Michael Bay achieved something else with Transformers 2… he made a fascinatingly funny-ass movie that had a huge amount of robot action that, once you get past the literary stumblings of the film, you just might find pretty damn funny, and that’s that.

Mid last year HBO started playing Transformers 2 and then it went to their On Demand section. When I was in the mood to watch TV, but nothing was on, I kept tuning in this movie. If for anything, a sound gap to have on in the background. That’s when the brainwashing started and I started noticing things, like how if you quit bitching about the gaps and craps, it’s a fun movie. Period. Seriously, when the Decepticon super-model attacks Sam, Shia LaBeouf lets out probably one of the best on-film girlie screams I’ve ever seen/heard, from any gender.

The Marketing Phase of Transformers 3

But now we’re ramping up to the July 1st release date of Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon) and I believe that Michael Bay, having been quoted to say that No. 2 was crap is motivated by the psychology of movie business marketing.

Whether he believes it or not, I feel like he’s saying it to get the naysayers about movie no. 2 into his camp and on board for Transformers 3. It’s as simple as that. I’m watching some folks out there thumping their chest and saying, ‘see, I told you I was right.’ as they quote the “crap” pitch, but seriously, all I see is that they’re caught up in the marketing spin.

I mean heck, this business of marketing movies has taken on a whole new angle with the internet and blogs out there to the point that everyone is scrambling to announce release dates of movie trailers. Seriously? Yep. It is like the movie trailers have their own lives now.

I’m glad Michael Bay is making the “crap” statement. It almost makes the previous movie a more legitimate product. Heck, if he could, I’d love for him to offer up Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 master riffers and see what they can do with it. Would that not be a blast?

But alas, right now we’re focused on Transformers 3, being the best film of the franchise and having a grander story to tell. But then again, isn’t that the marketing machine hard at work one more time? Mr. Bay knows every single movie site out there will take his words, bronze them and re-distribute them for web traffic purposes. It’s a near perfect machine actually.

That’s how the marketing of the web works. And that’s how the web surfer benefits. But the bright side to this internet mechanism is that they’ll get every little piece or crumb of news and non-news that’s wrapped up to look like news, and via that process, become an even better informed movie consumer for it.

I’m just saying.

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