MICHAEL VICK: The Next Time You Root For Him, Remember His “Animals”

by on November 4, 2014

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As many know, Michael Vick was convicted for his part in an organized dog fighting situation in 2007.

But technically what happened was that he plead “not guilty” to the original animal cruelty charges and through due process, was eventually only convicted of funding a dog fighting ring or being in conspiracy to fund such activities. He served 18 months in prison for THAT charge.

Even I did not realize that the charges for this star football player were reduced down from what it could have been.

But as people cheer for him on the football field and say that people must be forgiven for their transgressions, well, I have a very hard time with that one for Michael Vick. That’s because the organization that took in the majority of the victims of Vick’s dog fighting ring saw more details than many forgiving folks in the public are not aware of.

Because he was not convicted of animal cruelty, some other details of the situation never came out or made their way into the media. But now the woman behind the organization who rescued most of his dogs spoke out. And as I plied the web, I see more have seen these details too.

She talked about the family pets that ended up at the fighting facility that were thrown into pits with the aggressive dogs to practice on. Usually killing them while, per sources, Vick looked on and laughed at.

What really, truly hit me, was one detail that she passed on from the investigation of Vick’s property and his dogs. That being that when a dog was under performing in the ring to kill other dogs, they would clip live jumper cables to the dog’s ears and throw them in a pool and watch them suffer and die.

The numbers of dogs that suffered this fate is not known, but they could see where there were bite and claw marks at the edge of the pool liner from numerous dogs where were trying to get out of the pool.

But that was only one alleged fashion in which Vick killed his dogs. There were the classic methods also, like hanging, drowning, shooting, and my personally distasteful method of slamming their heads and spines into the ground until they were dead.

It’s been said that Vick has never uttered any word of regret or sorrow for what he did to his dogs, plus he never referred to his dogs as dogs, but merely as animals.

This is almost as bad as the horse racing industry info I discovered some time back!

The Dark Side of Horse Racing

Here’s the thing.

Many folks make mistakes and in most cases, deserve to be forgiven and for the people around them to just let it go. But for me, I can’t let go of the idea that this mentality or mindset of Vick’s had him doing this. And enjoying it. It showed me what is at the core of this person’s character or personality.

A core that makes me shiver that anyone can treat any living animal in this fashion. There are many people like this out there, and this one particular person is out there making millions playing football while the fans of that sport cheer him on.

And if you wondered why there might be protestors at games that he is at, well, there’s that, a contingent of people trying to bring awareness to folks like myself and to never let people forget.

So he does not get any kind of forgiveness from me and I will always look upon him as a very cruel individual.

So the next time you want to tell me to get over it and let go, think about the inhumane ways an innocent animal or canine victim can suffer and die and how Vick and/or his partners employed these techniques. Living creatures don’t deserve this kind of treatment. Ever. Human or otherwise. OK, wait… well, I can think of one person at the moment.

So don’t tell me to let it go. I can’t and never will. Not with him or with any organization or team that dares to hire him.

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