Micro-Light II Review Update [Consumer]

by on December 30, 2009

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I previously extholed the virtues of my Micro-Light II after purchasing one at REI.  I still love the light.  It’s super bright.

In fact, it’s just as bright in a side-by-side test with those mini-flashlights with 9 LED’s.  (You’ve probably seen them next to the cash register in Walgreen’s and such.)

But in all due fairness, I do have to report that the Micro-Light II’s use 2 batteries.  CR-2016 batteries to be exact and needing 2 of them isn’t too cheap.  They run about $4 a piece so when the battery fades, it can get pricey.  I don’t know how long the batteries last in these super bright lights.  I presume the store bought light I picked up had been tested by lots of customers.  It was the front package on the display and the dang things do say “Try Me!”

If the batteries last a long time, I still think they’re an awesome addition to one’s emergency or daily-used flashlight supply.

Photon Micro-Light II on Amazon.com

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