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MISHA COLLINS Random Acts charity org

Misha Collins has decided to start a charity and it is called Random Acts. Just on the far off chance you aren’t sure who I’m talking about, Misha plays Cas in Supernatural on The CW.

Misha Collins

Misha Collins

OK, now that you know who I’m chatting about, I want to tell you that his new charity, Random Acts, collects money for different causes for various needs. One of the causes that Random Acts will be focusing on raising money for is to build three orphanages in Haiti. It will also be raising money to help victims of the Pakistan floods.


Misha is asking people to start committing random acts of kindness for other folks around you. The official statement of Random Acts is “to conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time.”

Misha already has some experience with charity. Last year, he asked folks via his Twitter account (http://twitter.com/MISHACOLLINS) if they could help out with the Earthquake in Haiti, and within a 24-hour period, he gathered $30,000. Now Misha is going to run somewhere between 10 & 100k in one day to raise money. He’s asking folks to pledge what they can, per kilometer, to help out. He’ll then use that money to “conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time.

Misha Collins as Castiel in SUPERNATURAL on The CW

Misha Collins as Castiel in SUPERNATURAL

This first video is a bit like what I’ve come to expect from Misha… a little funny, wacky, obscure and as it progresses, well, what I call “Misha funny.” This includes some dramatic pauses, coming along for the run he’s on while he’s talking to you and if you pay attention, you’ll notice his leaving an outhouse. Oh, and it gets a bit bumpy. But through it all, it’s a fantastic message of hope and help for many that Misha is looking to do and that’s what he’s telling you about.

It’s a great cause worth looking into and worth passing the word. Cinema Static on Brusimm’s regular readers know I don’t make a habit of begging, or requesting for a “retweet” or Digg, or to “Facebook like” my articles here on Stuff on Brusimm. But I think for a worthy cause, I am seeing past my humble nature and am asking that you do just that today… share this message of what Misha Collins is doing with Random Acts. Spread the word. That’s the first step in starting a random act of kindness for a stranger… by sharing with your friends. And once we’re done sharing with everyone, then we try one of these random acts of kindness… any way we can.

Trust me, if you only share this with 5 people, and they do the same, and they all share it just once more, we’ve instantly spread the word by 125 people. Yep… you can help tell 125 people, in a click of a mouse button. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but I have thousands of visitors a day to this site, I have several hundred followers across all my Twitter streams… I have… hmm… 5 followers on Facebook… (OK, scratch that example for me… me and my Facebook page are at odds with each other!) But you get the point.

I’m hoping some of my social-rich power friends do their thing and help out also.

Spread the word. Let’s help Misha help others. He’s a great person, it’s a great deed and I think the rest speaks for itself.

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This is the message for the organization itself, Random Acts:

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YouTube Channel: Random Acts YouTube Channel

Website: Random Acts Website

PS: Pardon my mess… I was so excited about getting this out, I sort of just splatter typed to get this out fast! Thanks so much for coming by and for what ever you can do to help!

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