Monsterwolf on Syfy Channel – A Review of Sorts

by on October 10, 2010

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Monsterwolf on Syfy Channel

On the Syfy Channel, Halloween is in full swing on The Syfy Original Movie tonight (Saturday Night) was Monsterwolf. It stars Jason London (The Devil’s Tomb), Leonor Varela (Hell Ride), Robert Picardo (Stargate Atlantis), Nick Gomez (Vampires Suck) and others.

Monsterwolf opens to a oil rig crew locating an odd object in the ground that has an odd blue flame flickering away in the air a few feet over the object. They call the boss, Mr. Stark (Robert Picardo), but the boss is too worried about red tape. He tells his foreman, Mr. Simmons, to proceed with using explosives to clear some land and to never call him that late again.

MONSTERWOLF -- Syfy Original Movie

The gang uses a huge amount of C-4 but the artifact is left intact… it looks like a stargate, a mini stargate! But this artifact ejects a spectral kind of spirit, a wolf. An angry wolf that makes short work of the crew.

The evil corporate boss, Mr. Stark is played by (Robert Picardo), is the incredibly a-typical evil corporate minded boss and makes it clear in almost every conversation he has. He is motivated to make this situation work out, due to outside business influences dependent on it.

Mr Stark hires a junior lawyer from a small law firm named Maria (Leonor Varela) to help represent his case. The lawyer used to live in the town and has history and connections… never mind her dad is the Sheriff. Sheriff Bennett (Marc Macaulay). Or her ex-boyfriend by the name of Yale, played by Jason London.

Stark tries to buy out people but he hits a snag in a defiant resident, Yale.

Meanwhile, the spectral wolf is killing, but in what looks like a random pattern. The only pattern I can discern is he’s killing those who endanger or support the destruction of the local land. A litterbug, some drunks, a man who has accepted money from the evil oil company.

Josh Gates is hosting the movie event during one commercial break and he touches on the history of the myth of dogs & wolfs wolves in history.

Monsterwolf was on par for a Syfy Original Movie for a Saturday night. Some good moments, some cheesy special effects with an occasional good spot, an over-the-top evil corporate guy and a good guy & gal fighting the good fight.

Meanwhile, the lawyer quits and “does” her ex-boyfriend… so much for wanting to stay away from the small town.

Syfy Channels Monsterwolf - Amber Bartlett and Robert Picardo(Um, I have to wonder if this isn’t a spoiler to the ending???
Maybe Robert Picardo is just calling for makeup)

It almost had potential but it was just a fun, disjointed Syfy Channel Saturday night TV movie… with enough popcorn and friends, it’s a good time to be had by all.

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BklynBryan October 18, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Monsterwolf is a cool Sci-Fi movie! Leonor Varela is HOT!!

Bruce Simmons October 16, 2010 at 8:33 pm

And a hearty thank you to the polite and gentle suggestion by “JP,” who I am sure has never, ever made a slip of the word/typo in their life. LOL.

Thanks for the pointer. (Since you started the nasty edge, I’ll play along): If you actually looked before typing, you might know how “I got a job writing” and keep an out on those commenting rules… oh wait, you didn’t stop to read any other details about the site. (notice the space between the triple dots and the next word?) Just sayin’. Thanks for visiting and leaving your attitude to mark your visit.

Gotta say, it’s just too easy to be rude instead of constructive.

jp October 16, 2010 at 8:15 pm

Hey Bruce, it’s WOLVES not WOLFS…how the hell did you get a job writing??? Go back and finish high school.

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