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Iron Man HULKBUSTER in Avengers Age of UltronWell… they’re at it again, f*ing up all the little surprises and releasing clips of things that are giving away details and surprises in the story from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Last week was supposedly the final “trailer” for Avengers: Age of Ultron. I even exhibited a sense of relief about how early their last trailer was, versus the release date, in this TV News piece. But I MUST digress.

Back for Iron Man 3, pretty much every cool and surprising plot point via the collection of eight movie trailers, seven movie clips, twenty something “TV spots,” six featurettes and a slew of interviews and B-roll releases. All in all, the promotional material added up to around 145 different marketing videos once all was said and done. Before IM3 hit theaters I knew about all the fun surprises or what not, so pretty much the only thing that was left to watch was the filler story. What pissed me off was the biggest “leak” about the story was when Jarvis was given control to every piece of armor that Tony Stark built.

Iron Man 3 Iron Legion of remoted controlled armors

To me that would have been the coolest surprise ever in the movie. So WTF?

Any way, I thought that was just a momentary glitch in over-marketing. And when we heard that the last trailer for Age of Ultron was out, I thought how cool.

It is only Tuesday of the week following the final trailer and we’ve already seen two new “clips” released to the web.

The first clip was a huge spoiler where I thought I had an idea about what was happening. I thought! But the clip pretty much SPELLED IT OUT. Additionally this new clip showed another aspect of the scene that would have been an awesome first-time experience surprise in the movie theater. But instead, was now spoiled.

Now there’s another clip out and I am NOT even going near it. Or trying not to.

With Iron Man 3, I almost did not go see it because of all the spoilers out there. Now the pattern seems to be repeating itself with Avengers 2.

I don’t mind the first trailer or two for any movie. It gives us the gist of the story while we get teased with visuals of the upcoming film. That is exciting, but then it gets crazy when moments get spoiled from the film.

At the bottom of this post are links to the three clips I am talking about… Yes, now three. But links are as far as I go with clippage and story spoilage. You want the surprise of the moment taken from your movie experience, well, I’m here to provide. Myself, I want to have a GREAT movie experience in the theater and get my money’s worth! I Like the cool things coming out of nowhere when I am IN the theater.

All this clippage seems to have taken off after Disney took the reigns of Marvel. I believe. So I don’t blame Marvel Studios for the overload of spoilers, but do recognize that it truly started up when Disney dropped the gold in the bucket and bought Marvel.

For example…

Iron Man 1 (2008) had 44 trailers or Clips.
Iron Man 2 (2010) had 81 trailers or clips.
Iron Man 3 (2013) had 146 trailers or clips.

Under Disney’s reign, the number of trailers or clips almost doubled. And Disney is doing what they know and what has worked for them. Thus we get pummeled with the marketing which includes these moments or what I feel are scene spoilers.

Scene teasers and trailers are great, sure, but giving away details for me sucks. Meh, some people like “being in the know” about upcoming movies. The only time I don’t care about spoilers is when I don’t care enough about a movie. So be it. All this from that first movie trailer that showed up in 1913.

For the moment…

We have until May 1st when Avengers Age of Ultron comes to theaters. Until then or when we do go to see the film, we have to hunker down if you are of the mind to try and avoid plot spoilers.

You know who has it tough these days? The overseas markets. Back when The Avengers came out, it opened in the U.S. on April 11th, 2012. A few weeks later it started opening worldwide, and it did not open until August 14th in Japan.

Age of Ultron will have various premieres, but opens here in the U.S. on May 1st while it opens in other countries on April 22nd. And in Japan, they get to wait until July 4th. Then again, Japan is the home of $21 movie ticket… and they wonder why pirating is so rampant!

Aren’t these release dates crazy? Plus with it opening overseas a few weeks ahead of here, that means we have even more spoiler content to dodge, from movie reviews and all the new marketing content that tends to show up after a movie opens.

Folks… hunker down and brace yourselves. Turn off all Social Media and shut your laptop until May 1st.

OK, we can’t do that, but there are websites out there that don’t give a sh** about spoilers and put things right in their headlines, so tread carefully gang! (TV Line, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide are the first few that come to mind. (( They put up TV reviews of shows after they’ve aired on the East Coast. West Coasters have to fend for themselves!)) )

New Clips for Avengers: Age of Ultron:

Marvel YouTube Clip IMVH.

Marvel YouTube Clip 1 UST.

Marvel YouTube Clip 2 HBW.


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