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by on August 13, 2011

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A few weeks back it was reported that Frank Darabont was let go from his showrunner position on AMC’s The Walking Dead (TWD).  This, just another in a line of odd goings-on behind the scenes with the series.  But when Darabont was ousted, he had very little…  OK, nothing to say and at present, does not want to talk to the press about it.  Yet.  But THR is reporting that that cast and crew are scared and crushed.

The Walking Dead DSC_0111phgn_R_Ph Gene Page

People were aggravated that AMC used Darabont at Comic Con to promote the show, knowing they were going to give him the boot and not liking that the only explanation given was that the situation wasn’t working.

Not working?  Did I miss something or did TWD not set various TV ratings records for AMC last season?   Just askin’.

It seems amazing that AMC, the land of numerous commercials, can seem to get into bur-ha-ha’s over their various big hits like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and now TWD.

But as THR reports, apparently AMC had already planned on slashing production costs of season 2 before they even started season 1 production.  They’re being accused of not knowing how to handle their most recent flourishing of successful shows.  And apparently there was an on-going battle about how to film the show as AMC kept looking at cost cutting while Darabont charged in and made the series properly for the fans to appreciate watching.

I find if fascinating how AMC is dealing with its budgetary approach to the show.  Wanting to do a 13 episode 2nd season for less cash per episode than the ratings breaking 1st season, would seem to indicate that there are bean counters in the background calling the shots and that those bean counters don’t have a creative gene amongst the counters of the beans.

So despite AMC pointing out that they still have key players in place to produce the show, they’ve pulled the life-blood of the production and cut costs to do so.  Was Darabont part of that cost cut?

All I know is that AMC has a huge amount of advertising during their shows so they should hit up the advertisers to produce more cash for the huge ratings hit.

If the basic nets can muster up $8-10 billion per season from advertisres, I’m sure AMC can convince them that they have more eyes and charge more, leaving a known commodity alone to succeed as it had in the previous season.

With season two of The Walking Dead, I guess we’ll find out if these key personnel will work out or not.  Right?  There’s a more lengthy article at the source link:


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