More On The Tragedy of Johnny Lewis & His Landlady, Catherine Davis

by on October 2, 2012

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Johnny Lewis found dead, pictured here with Ron Perlman in Sons of Anarchy

Pictured, L-R, Johnny Lewis, Ron Perlman

It seems the Johnny Lewis was more of a troubled soul than we might have believed at first.

Last week Johnny Lewis died at a tragic scene where it seems he killed his landlady, her cat and then fell off the roof of the house he was renting from. Prior to that, he had some scraps with the neighbors there.

Earlier that day Lewis attacked a neighbor’s painter, unprovoked. (Allegedly… it’s all alleged folks.)

And this wasn’t his first neighborhood scrap he had.

Back in January he broke into a Northridge, CA home and when asked to leave, he attacked the residents.

Both accounts above, the neighbors made note that no matter how hard you hit him, he didn’t seem to notice it. These two incidents seem to be a part of a string of sad events. Or as Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter made note, last week’s event was sad but did not surprise him.

I’m bummed to hear such news, considering what a likable character he played on Sons of Anarchy. But then again, that was an image and a pretend character that Johnny Lewis portrayed cleverly, hiding his true persona for others to see.

The woman found dead in the house that Lewis was living in, is known to have been a big-hearted woman, opening her house and renting rooms out to struggling actors. It seems she had opened her doors to the likes of Val Kilmer, Parker Posey, Thomas Jane, Paula Poundstone, Chris Parnell.

What a shame such a kind soul had to suffer and leave us in such a terrible way.

There is one other note that I’ve been seeing around on different sources, and that’s that the church of Scientology has been scrambling to pull one of their famous references off all their websites.

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