Motorola Has Officially Driven Us to iPhone

by on May 21, 2015

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Apple should be happy about this, but if you follow this site you know I have been experiencing issues with my older Motorola Droid (RAZR M). (Motorola is owned by Lenovo) One of the issues is the horrible performance that me and my family members have been experiencing over the last few years with our phones. (Lenovo owns Motorola.) Particularly the camera. (Every single Motorola I have owned, the camera performance, IMO, degraded with every phone system update the phone received.)

When I first bought this phone, it was amazing and I recommended it to everyone I know. (Admittedly, I was an idiot and did not do thorough testing.) Then with each major update that came along, issues either changed, went away or got worse. Among the issues was the slow degradation of my phone’s camera.

One reason that I have NEVER signed up for Instagram is the instability of my RAZR M camera. It seems to ruin perfectly easy shots and when the review images are so small on the phone so that you can sometimes never tell how crappy the image is until you post it online. And that is never a good thing when you post something that looks like crap after the fact. It is embarrassing.

This is something that a number of us have been experiencing. US, being myself, my in-laws and a few friends. In my opinion there were too many people having the same problems with the same phone to make this a unique thing. Plus I am on my second RAZR M, and it too has the same issues.

[ Is Your Smartphone Part Of A Planned Obsolescence Life Cycle? ]

I’ve been a stalwart life long consumer of Motorola, but hey, thanks to planned obsolescence, I’m starting to see the light and sure, I’m going to upgrade my phone because my present one is acting out… but not to another Motorola. Congrats Motorola, you’ve broken me out of my mold of consumer support.

My sister-in-law finally busted out from our circle of Motorola users and got an iPhone. And wow, what an incredible photo machine her phone is. (Plus I know other folks whose cameras take great pics).

I completely apologize to anyone who I convinced to buy a Motorola Droid phone. I did not know.

Remember, these are only my observations of my experiences with my own phones and some close friends. Your experiences may differ… if you kept your phone long enough and not flowed with the trade up every year or two plans you might find yourself on.

But when I go looking for a new phone, it will either be a Samsung or an iPhone… never again will I snag a Motorola product for use in this household.

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