Movie News Bites: Star Trek 2, Daredevil, Cowboy Lawsuits and Darwanism

by on December 4, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static Movie NewsToday’s Cinema Static movie news bits that I couldn’t pass up, includes bits from Star Trek 2 casting update that’s in question, a bite on the upcoming Daredevil movie reboot, about actors not listening to police, and a lawsuit aimed at the production of Cowboys and Aliens!


Star Trek 2‘s Internet Traffic Gold

As we all might know, J.J. Abrams tapped Benicio Del Toro to be a bad guy in his next Star Trek franchise reboot movie.

J.J. Abrams Enterprise in 'Star Trek'

Over the weekend, there was breaking news from Latino Review that Benicio Del Toro will be playing the role of Kahn in J.J. Abrams 2nd Star Trek movie. (Wait… don’t freak yet.)

Then, in a pretty fast move, Abrams gave the website HitFix his personal lowdown on that scoop, saying that this news is not news, but mere rumor and is not true.

Then a few others got on the Twitter bandwagon backing up Latino Review’s inside scoop.

I for one have seen their inside scoops come to fruition more often than not. They take their scoops serious and don’t just fly off the handle on the first glimmer of news they get. In other words, they take their scoops seriously.

So to add my voice to the echoes, I’d say that if Latino Review is saying they have scoop, then I’d believe them.

And there’s chatter out there on how Abrams likes his secrets from his movie productions and what not, but that’s just banter.

So for now, that’s the news on the upcoming Star Trek movie. Plus, I swear, movie studios need to either create better NDA agreements with all the lackeys that seem to leak out information, or just come clean and admit to viral marketing!

Sure… Kahn. But if you look at what Abrams did with other characters in his first Star Trek franchise reboot effort, he made some characters different and fresh enough to not actually tread on old ground. If this “alleged” rumor is true, I look forward to Chris Pine yelling, Kaaaaaaaahn. LOL.

This is the link that started the weekend frenzy:


Silly Daredevil Movie News

There’s news out on the internet that there will be news out soon about the still vapor-movie Daredevil reboot from director David Slade. Slade’s past directorial projects include Twilight: Eclipse, 30 Days of Night and Hard Candy.

I rank this announcement right up there with the announcements of when movie trailers will come out in theaters or online. It’s a silly place we’re taking this movie industry, but there are fascinating facets of the web that make this possible.

Darwinistic Movie News

Darwin theories apply to stupid behavior thinning the gene pool. And gads, there’s enough people out there to qualify.

Deadline reported that last Wednesday, there was a situation where a camera crew was shooting a scene for the Japanese show, World’s Most Interesting Footage. It involved an actor in a ski-mask wielding a gun.

Cops showed up and when they ordered the man to drop his gun, rather than recognizing his plight and acceding to official demands, he idiotically yelled back something about making a movie.

Cops, being trained not to buy idiot BS from potential perps, did what they do best, and they disarmed the foo… actor.

No one was arrested and I bet he’s still nursing some bruises as we speak! LOL. Yea… I’m thinking they definitely got some Interesting Footage from that one.

[deadline : fake gun on tv shoot]

Cowboys and Aliens Lawsuit


(No, the lawsuit has nothing to do with NASCAR. I just really liked the wrap they used when sponsoring this Nationwide Series car.)

Yep, someone wants credit for having put together the idea of Cowboys and Aliens and they’re suing Universal, DreamWorks, Platinum Studios and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the man whom the movie rights were bought from to make the movie.

It seems that there was a comic titled “Bizarre Fantasy” that featured the very premise of aliens in the old West and the story was titled Cowboys and Aliens. This was in 1995.

The comic was previewed in another comic and the preview was on the same page that something of Rosenberg’s was also being previewed on. (For some reason, that seemed to be pertinent enough to have in the details)

In 1997, Rosenberg was pitching a new graphic novel idea called Cowboys and Aliens, and that’s when Universal and Dreamworks purchased the movie rights to the idea.

And the lawsuit goes from there.

I know how he feels. The internet is a plethora of stolen ideas, but at least this lawsuit looks substantive, to some degree. But I’m betting he’ll have a lot of work on his hands proving various aspects of this legal battle. We’ll have to wait and see where this one turns out!

[thewrap : cowboys and aliens lawsuit ]

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