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movie newsEntertainment news about bits about The Dark Knight Rises, Chris Evans, Max Landis, Bill Paxton and Thanos.

The Dark Knight Rises TENTATIVE Blu-ray Release Date

In case you had not heard, The Dark Knight Rises will be coming out to the market on December 3rd, 2012.  Word on the street was that this won’t be a director’s cut, but maybe, like the previous 2 Christopher Nolan Batman movies, there will be lots of other extras.

It stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, & Tom Hardy and has a runtime of 165 minutes.

Now this information had been reported by multiple websites and it was based off of a YouTube video which had shown the 12/3 release date.

That video has since been pulled by Warner Bros..  Wait and see and treat Monday, 12/3 as a tentative release date.  (Yea, a Monday.  That’s weird.)

[ engadget ]

Chronicle Writer Making TV Show and a Sequel

'Chronicle' on Blu-ray and DVD

If you watched the movie Chronicle and liked it, you might like the know that the man who penned that story, Max Landis, is going to be putting together a TV series called Vigilante.  The series will be looking at the world of vigilantes.

This will not be a superhero based series.*  It’s about

“a detective’s daughter plans her revenge by meticulously constructing a fictional vigilante persona to take on the criminal elements within the police department and the city.”

This and yes, he’s working on a Chronicle sequel.

*Landis had to hit up Twitter to correct a few websites that said this was going to be a superhero series.

[ slashfilm ]

Evans “wants” in on Thor 2

Have you seen the headline floating around that Chris Evans wants a Captain America cameo in Thor 2?  Well, I guess that’s the extent of it.  It was a note in a conversation between Evans and Hemsworth.  He noted that he’d like that.  No studio source reported this, it’s just fun noise that would wind up the fans.

Planet of the Apes Director Change?

Rise of the Planet ofthe Apes on DVD and Blu-ray

Due to possible scheduling conflicts, the director who brought us Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Rupert Wyatt, may be dropping out of helming the sequel to the hit apes movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Boo!  I thought he did a great job and it would be nice to have his consistent vision brought into the sequel, but schedules are schedules.

He already dropped out of another project to take on the Apes sequel.

Will keep you up to date on this one!

[ deadline ]

Thanos Movie Rumors

Thanos in 'Avengers 2'Rumors or suppositions are saying that Thanos will be making his presence known the 2014 movie, Guardians of the Galaxy (That James Gunn confirmed to be directing) and the next Avengers movie, The Avengers 2.

The news comes from a conversation with Jim Starlin at the Montreal Comic-Con.  (Wouldn’t celeb folk know what to keep under wraps and what not?  Especially at a Comic-Con?)

I’m dubious, but it’s probably going to pan out as true.

Other rumored bad guys in the Guardians of the Galaxy might be Adam Warlock and The Magus.  (Maybe I’m A bit out of date, but I’ve never even heard of the Guardians until this movie was announced.)

[ cosmicbooknews ]

Bill Paxton News

Bill Paxton is looking at the movie All You Need is Kill, joining Tom Cruise in the cast.  It’s a Groundhog Day-like movie, about a soldier who relives the last day of his life, over and over.

[ cinemablend ]

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