Movie News: Odd Twilight Bit and The New Bourne Movie Bits

by on November 22, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static Movie NewsCheck it out… a twisted Twilight: Breaking Dawn inspired piece, and a news bite on the new Bourne movie with Jeremy Renner!


Breaking Dawn Translated into Breaking the Law

Some folks take things way too seriously, and then again, age can sometimes be a big determinant.

Turns out an 18-year-old fan of Twilight: Breaking Dawn was busted for driving under the influence. They found her in a wrecked car, in a ditch, with no front tire.

She said that she ended up in this predicament because her boyfriend did not take her to go see the new Twilight movie.

Nice… but seriously, stop making excuses for what it was you wanted to do any way!


Jeremy Renner Talks new Bourne Movie put up a piece about Jeremy Renner describing what the next Bourne movie will be like.

Renner’s character’s name is Aaron Cross, or at least that’s one of his aliases.

And though this is a new character, the film itself, it seems, will have the same vibe or ticking clock as he put it. He indicated Treadstone is still part of the myth, but it’s new agents with the same leash.

Renner indicated it will be a more expansive movie. Whatever that means.

The Bourne movie franchise is one of my faves… When ever replays of the movies come on TV, I can’t seem to help it and end up watching it every time… the choreography is a poetic balance between


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