Movie Review: I Am Legend

by on April 20, 2008

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I just watched I Am Legend.

Finally, knowing I was going to watch this film as soon as it hit PPV, I have been dodging every ad, promo, review, website and keyword there is to this flick. I can finally relax. (Mild Spoilers Ahead if youíre in a similar situation)

The human race finds the cure for cancer. But all 10,000 test subjects who get cured become sick with something else and it spreads throughout all of humanity, killing 90% of the population, converting another part of the population into dark dwelling monsters, kind of like dawn of the dead, but faster, stronger, creepier, and a mild sense of reasoning.

The main character played by Will Smith, Robert Neville, stays behind when they evacuate New York when the epidemic starts, because he knows that staying at ground zero of the contamination will help him solve the disease. In the process he watches his family die, humanity dies and his dog, Sam (Short for Samantha), dies three years later defending his stupid ass.

Neville seems to be immune to all versions of the disease so heís been making various extracts of his blood, heading out and capturing a dark dwelling monster. (They seem to burn up in sunlight.) This is important because he does eventually find a cure that works. During this time, Nevilleís been transmitting a radio message on AM frequencies indicating who and where he is, hoping to draw in any survivors.

This is where the story goes.. he captures a dark creature, but it seems the dark creatures set a trap for him, which he gets snared in and then having it come down to him and his dog fighting off a few dog dark creatures, but his dog gets bitten and infected and Neville has to put him down.

This distorts his sense of reality and he goes vengeful and gets himself in a bad pickle where we think itís going to end bad for Neville but good thing for his radio message because a woman shows up and saves him. In his groggy state, he tells her where he lives and she takes him to his home. Unfortunately, the night creatures follow the blood trail and they end up invading his home the next night.

He shoves the woman into a last ditch hiding spot, closes the door, tries to tell the attacking monsters he found a cure, they ainít listening, and he blows himself and the creatures up.

The woman, whom heís given the cure to, drives north to Vermont where there are survivors and they get the blood sample with the cure. Robert Neville helps humanity reclaim itself and becomes a legend.


  • If youíre a Will Smith fan, youíll love this flick though it doesnít showcase all of his acting, Smith carries the story along.
  • If youíre an apocalyptic scenario kind of fan, youíll like it.
  • If youíre a Ďthe human race destroyed itselfí fan, youíll like it.
  • If you hate films where the heroes family, dog and themselves die, youíll definitely hate this flick.

So of the four points, three being good, itís a 3 out of 4 flick for me. We dog lovers hate when the family friend and pet gets hurt, or used to rile our emotions. It was a bit distracting to see him have to put his closest and only friend of 3 years down. The first half of the movie was pretty suspenseful, with the last 1/3 becoming the classic struggle against superior, evil monster odds. I donít think youíll be disappointed.

There was an alternate ending out there that addresses a few additional issues of the lead monster and why he is so fixated on Neville (I just thought because Neville kept stealing their numbers, they were sick of it) and that it doesnít have Neville dying in the end.

Personally, I hate alternate endings. It changes that which I saw, making it no longer the storyline in concrete that I came away with. Youíve diluted my original investment. People.. make the movie, and leave the endings alone. It dilutes your original work if you donít have enough faith in your first product.

But thatís just me. I could be wrong.

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