Movie Review: ‘Salt’ Starring Angelina Jolie

by on September 3, 2011

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A movie review of the action film called Salt, starring Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber.

Cinema Static - TV News, Movie News and other Entertainment news and opinionI was once told by an influential, real-world movie critic that it doesn’t matter when you write about something because your readers will still want to see what you have to say about it.  Though more timely is better.  I didn’t go see Salt in the movie theater when it came out because the marketing didn’t seem to warrant my time.  Now, after having seen it and writing up this movie review, I wish I had gone and seen it in the theater. It’s actually a fun action flick.

'Salt' movie posterSalt is directed by Phillip Noyce, whose directorial credits involve Catch a Fire, The Quiet American, & The Bone Collector.  It would seem that this action movie was in capable hands and was distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The basic outline of Salt says that a CIA agent goes on the run after a Russian defector identifies her as being a spy for his side.

I only knew two things going into this movie…  the tagline I noted above and that two pretty decent action stars in Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber.  Both are rather versatile actors.

It also starred Chiwetel Ejiofor (2012, American Gangster), who any Serenity fan will remember as The Operative who pursued Mal and his crew relentlessly.  Well he was relentlessly pursuing someone else again!

The movie starts out with Evelyn Salt (Jolie) being interrogated in a Chinese prison and getting herself exchanged for another political prisoner, where we meet Ted Winter  (Schreiber), her CIA boss.

He gets her home, puts her back to work in the office and for a little bit, things had returned to normal.

Angelina Jolie in 2010's Salt

This is, until a Russian walks into the CIA saying he has information that can identify a spy amongst their midst.  And he names Evelyn Salt.  It goes from there, when the agency turns to restrain Salt while they look into the accusation, but Salt realizes that if she’s been named a spy, and that her husband is in danger.

And god help anyone getting in between her and her husband!!!  And thus the run/chase commences.

And that’s all I can really say without giving too much more away.

Salt was an action film, with some fun action and we are introduced to an incredibly resourceful CIA agent in the form of Salt.  Dang, this is like Mrs. MacGyver!  And she goes through a few different looks to hide from the CIA which were pretty nice changes.

Along the way of the story, things occur that make you wonder and question your presumptions of what you think is going on and I found that refreshing.  And engaging.

Movie Review Popcorn Score 08As far as I’m concerned, this was a fun movie and if I had to give Salt a movie review score, I’d say it easily gets an 8 on my popcorn movie review scale!  Easily.

If you like action spy films.  If you like either Jolie or Schreiber or Ejiofor, I think you will be pleased with this movie.  I’d recommend this as a fun popcorn action flick.  If you ever had to ponder picking between two movies to watch for fun, and this was one of them, I don’t think you’d go wrong picking this one.


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