Movie Reviews Are In for J. Edgar, Immortals… Which Movie to Ponder Seeing?

by on November 11, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static Movie NewsIf you’re wondering what movie out there might warrant dropping some of your hard-earned cash on, you might be able to gauge from a few movie review websites out there…   Well if you take a quick look at Movie Review Intelligence, Rotten TomatoesMetaCritic & MRQE sites who gather the reviews and gauges them on the number of positive reviews, it ain’t looking good.

J. Edgar6040596355.5
Jack and Jill194243019.25

As you can see, as movies go, it looks like J. Edgar and maybe Immortals might contend with Puss in Boots for the number 1 box office spot, but it depends on if people actually make judgements based on movie reviews or word of mouth.

So it might be the biopic, or if you’re an fantasy/action junkie, maybe Immortals is your thing.  As always, RT has the harsher collective of reviews, but then I’ve taken it a step farther and isolated my own list down to people/reviewers whom I trust and sort of speak my own language.

J. Edgar has some fans… Entertainment Weekly calls it very good, “but a movie with a buried heart.”

Roger Ebert called it outstanding.  “Few films span seven decades this comfortably.”

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel: “a lumbering miscalculation

Tom Long, Detroit News: “manages to be both epic and empty.


Immortals isn’t doing too hot though…

Roger Ebert calls it weak, Roger Moore: Weak.  MaryAnn Johanson, Flick Filosopher: VERY GOOD, saying “There’s a lot of cheek to ‘Immortals,‘”

I wasn’t hoping for much for Immortals since the previews never really told me there was a story there to capture my imagination… just a lot of action.


On first look, it seems that Jack and Jill, another Adam Sandler produced and starring in movie, craters before it’s even out of the gate.  It’s becoming a bit of a sad statement that the angry routine he used to propel himself to the forefront of fans, has now marked Sandler for, well, no real expectation for me except as possible word fodder when  new movie comes out.

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel: WEAK (“sloppy Sandler movie standards“); Tom Long, Detroit News: POOR (“He’s been making such junk for 15 years now“);

If you can, it looks like Melancholia is worth catching.  (The outline, to a small degree, makes me think of the other sci f indie movie, Another Earth, where there’s a new planet to deal with but the issues focused on are the character stories.)

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly: “marked by an astonishing profundity of vision


While the standout voice of MaryAnn Johanson, Flick Filosopher: calls it POOR, “von Trier pornifies the destruction of humanity. … In a Euro arthouse metaphor sort of way….“  I’m wondering if she isn’t bringing a pre-concieved perception of the director to her review?  I don’t know, but he definitely has some detractors from his lack of public skills.


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