Movie Ticket Sale Disputes ‘Iron Man 3’

by on April 23, 2013

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News is that Disney wants more of the movie ticket sales pie with the opening of Iron Man 3 while movie theaters are asking, “Are you nuts?“ But you know who will buckle…

'Iron Man 3' movie still

In case you had not noticed, there’s no pre-ordering of movie tickets for Iron Man 3, one of the most anticipated movies of the year. That’s because Disney has decided, now, to renegotiate their split of movie ticket sales, starting with Iron Man 3.

Normally movie theaters split ticket sales 50/50 with distributors, and that split grows more accommodating for the movie theater as a movie plays for subsequent weeks. (Theater owners love it when a movie lasts a long time on screen! It means more $$ for them.)

Now, with this renegotiation bit in process, no one is selling tickets for pre-order for IM3.

Word is that rather than the usual 50% of the take, Disney is looking for almost 65% of the split for opening ticket sales.

But now that Disney has proven powerhouses like Marvel and Star Wars in their inventory, they have something with a proven track record, unlike some hit and miss animated properties.

With Marvel’s plans for an entire series of movies, and Disney’s recently announced plans on a Star Wars movie every year, it seems that they’re looking to prepare to line their coffers with even more money.

Robert Downey Jr in 'Iron Man 3' movie still

This is what theater owners will look like if they put up too much of a fight

Some call it greed. Others call it nasty, knowing they have theater owners in one hell of a head-lock. That head-lock being that Iron Man 3 is being predicted to possibly be one of the biggest opening weekend movies of the year.

As it stands, resolution, meaning movie theaters folding to the pressure, is expected to come within a few days. The pressure to fold is that pre-sale numbers are a huge indicator of just how well a film will do.

Carmike Cinemas already buckled and is selling tickets.

This article will be updated when theater chains buckle agreements are reached.

On a side note:

If I weren’t such a huge Iron Man fan or Marvel Movie fan, I’d boycott Iron Man 3. With the closing weeks of movie marketing for Iron Man 3, Disney has put out so much preview material that I feel I don’t need to show up until act 2.

I could be wrong, but dang, with 25 to 30 various video clips of material, and what I consider huge spoilers of things that would have been so awesome for movie-goers to be stunned by while in the theater, and this does not count interviews, behind-the-scene preview material and what not… I just don’t feel like there’s much new to be surprised by from the movie.

Heck, on principal, I’ve stopped posting the clips out of respect of my readers! But maybe I’m old-school. Maybe today’s movie consumer wants to know as much as possible about a movie before they “go see it” so they can feel comfortable about it. I don’t know. It sounds like heavy marketing is pandering the movie pirate, and trying to stave them off before they run away with the movie. (Remember, thieves movie pirates claim they’re previewing the movie to know if they want to go see it or not. Snort!!!)

Ben Kingsley delivers superb performance in 'Iron Man 3' as the Mandarin

Early movie reviews of Iron Man 3 suggest that Ben Kingsley‘s Mandarin portrayal is on par with Heath Ledger’s Joker and that this is, as we expected, a great movie.

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