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Brusimm's TV and Movie news

Today’s collective of news and information includes the following TV and movies – The 100, Agents of SHIELD, Ant-Man, Arrow, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Daredevil, Doctor Who, The Flash, Iron Man 3, Star Trek 3, Supernatural and The Vampire Dairies.


The 100 (Season 2 spoilers)

The 100 from The CW was a surprising show. I found I enjoyed the premise and followed it through the entire first season. The show was renewed and now there will be a new way to approach the story now that…

SPOILERS for time-shifted viewers

Now that the Ark was blown out of orbit, everyone will be scattered, both the ground brats and Ark survivors. If there are any.

Agents of SHIELD (casting and story)

Remember in the last season finale, in the closing scenes, Agent Coulson was scribbling a weird diagram or equation on the wall? Well, now it’s showing up on billboards around town:

Did you hear that Lucy Lawless is joining the cast?

Ant-Man (Casting and movie news)

So with Edgar Wright leaving/being booted off the project, is anyone still going to see the movie? My guess is yes.

Marvel’s Ant-Man started filming in San Francisco, and they’ve added cast to the feature… Bobby Cannavale, Judy Greer, T.I., Gregg Turkington, Wood Harris, Abby Ryder Fortson, and John Slattery. Hmm. Slattery plays Howard Stark in previous Marvel films. I wonder what’s up there?

Ant-Man will be directed by Peyton Reed. Wait? Who? He’s directed such “smash” hits as Black Dynamite, Yes Man, The Break-Up, Bring it On and Bull Durham. This might give us an idea of the feel of the film, if you’ve seen any of his previous work.

Word on the streets are saying that Evangeline Lilly is in the film.

Arrow (Story spoilers)

In the upcoming season of Arrow, starring Stephen Amell, the ongoing struggle with Oliver will be if he can be both Oliver Queen and Arrow. And with that in mind, he’ll also have to deal with a fairly popular bad guy, Ra’s al Ghul.

Ghul is more commonly associated with Batman, but this could be a perfect fit for bad guy to good guy, with these two.

We will also probably be seeing the Huntress and Suicide Squad again.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (Casting and Story rumor/spoilers)

According to SPOILER rumors, The Hulk will end up on a Quin Jet and finding himself jettisoned into space. Which is interesting. Marvel has been denying any Planet Hulk movie or story every time it comes up. But in the comics when Hulk is being jettisoned into space by the Avengers, that’s where he ends up.

We’ll see if this is a stupid or true rumor when the time comes. Are they denying to keep most folks off their scent or is there a different story in mind for the big green guy? Or, is this merely bull-hokey?

On the bright side, Hayley Atwell will be returning as Peggy Carter.

Marvel’s Daredevil on NETFLIX (Story)

Hey, if you’re wondering about the look and feel of the Daredevil series on Netflix, showrunner Steven S. DeKnight said it will have a 1970’s gritty feel to it.

If Steven S. DeKnight is behind the series, this should be good because he knows how to entertain the fans.

He’s helmed such great projects as STARZ Spartacus franchise (which is not airing on Syfy), Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer… and Smallville, so this bodes well for the new incarnation of Daredevil and could probably fix the image the character was given from that “wonderful” movie they put out in 2003.

To be honest, there’s a lot that can be done with this character and they missed the mark with tat last movie from Mark Steven Johson, who wrote and directed it. Of course looking back, we see that Johnson went on to helm Jack Frost, Ghost Rider and other “phenomenal” anti-hits.

Doctor Who Season Eight Episode Titles and Descriptions

Dr. Who’s new season and the titles of its episodes:

Episode 1: Deep Breath.
Written by Steven Moffat
801: A “huge introductory hour” that will find Clara trying to cope with the loss of her friend. “Mixed in with a truly terrifying monster.”

Episode 2: Into The Dalek
Written by Phil Ford and Moffat
802: A “gritty” Dalek adventure that goes into “the most dangerous place in the universe the last place the Doctor should be.”

Episode 3: Robot Of Sherwood
Written by Mark Gatiss
803: A “Doctor meets Robin Hood” adventure that finds Twelve questioning whether or not he’s a good man.

Episode 4: Listen
Written by Moffat
804: A Moffat-penned departure that’s a “complete departure” for him as a writer. “It’s the story of a date and the Doctor having what appears to be a mild nervous breakdown.” Basically, it’s downtime for the Doctor, but with a monster.

Episode 5: Time Heist
Written by Stephen Thompson and Moffat
805: A heist episode with a “crackling monster” and Keeley Hawes.

Episode 6: The Caretaker
Written by Gareth Roberts and Moffat
806: An “absolute hoot” of an episode that Moffat compares to “The Lodger.” This will explore how slipping away with the Doctor affects his companions.

Episode 7: Kill The Moon
Written by Peter Harness
807: “Proper drama. With monsters, and all the ‘Doctor Who’ stuff that you could want.” Also features a callback to an old episode.

Episode 8: Mummy On The Orient Express
Written by Jamie Mathieson
808: A “brilliant” script and monster, with another callback to a Matt Smith episode from his first series. Also features the band Foxes, and the Doctor peaceing out for “several years.”

Episode 9: Flatline
Written by Jamie Mathieson
809: A horror episode, that apparently made everyone clap and cheer at the read-through.

Episode 10: In The Forest Of The Night
Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce
810: A “heartfelt” fairytale that is “quite different.”

Episode 11/12 Dark Water/Death In Heaven
Written by Steven Moffat
811/812: A two-parter with Cybermen! “It’s about Clara and the Doctor, and the fact that the way they interact might not be healthy for everyone around them.” Will also feature UNIT.

The Flash (Story characters)

One baddie we’ll be seeing on CW’s new Arrow spin-off, The Flash, will be Bette Sans Souci or she might be better known as Plastique, the woman who can turn anything she touches into a bomb.


There will also be a Felicity back story episode this season.

Iron Man 3 (Corrective Measures)

What? This is old news, isn’t it? Well, not really.

Turns out that the debacle that director Shane Black did to The Mandarin character might be getting fixed, as news bites are suggesting that now the main bad guy, Adrian Killian was basing perverting the notion of what the Mandarin really is.

And if you had noticed in past months, a Marvel short had come out where it was suggested that the real Mandarin was pissed at Trevor (Kingsley) for impersonating him.

I hope they do fix this. What Black did with the Mandarin was part genius in the twist up and part middle-finger to long time fans of the Iron Man franchise. Having made the Mandarin an out of work actor is akin to making Lex Luthor a homeless bum.

Ya just can’t do that.

Star Trek 3

The first rough draft of the script has been done and submitted for review.

Supernatural (Casting and story spoilers)

If you like Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard in Supernatural, fear not! You’ll be seeing more of them in the upcoming new season.

Dean will be excessively enjoying his new demon side and the showrunners will be treating it like a drug addiction. Much like when Sam had his powers.

The Vampire Dairies (Casting)

Chris Wood will be joining the cast as the character Kai. And it seems we’ll be finally seeing the father of Matt Donovan.

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