MUTANT WORLD on Syfy, A Review of Sorts

by on November 9, 2014

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Syfy Channel TV newsMutant World aired on Syfy as their Saturday Night movie offering. It stars Kim Coates, Holly Deveaux, Ashanti, Amber Marshall, John DeSantis and many more.

Mutant World is about a group of survivalists who take refuge just in time before an apocalyptic meteor strike. They emerge ten years later only to discover that the place is overrun with crazed mutant zombies. The film is produced by Nomadic Pictures and the vibe, energy and tone of the film was pretty much on par with past Saturday Night Movies we’ve seen on Syfy. Weak, questionable and snooze inducing energy.

SPOILERS? Does it matter?

Be warned, if you’re tuning in to catch Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates. His screen time adds up to nine minutes in the beginning and maybe five minutes at the end.

There is the elephant in the room and that is the mutants. They’re green-eyed and spew green blood.

Everyone ducks into the safe bunker, and yet everyone looks exactly the same despite ten years having passed.

Vehicles run perfectly fine even though they’ve sat around for ten years. Heck, mine acts up after a few weeks of sitting still!

The command hierarchy is determined by a poorly choreographed fist fight between an old man and a girl 20 years his junior.

When “the team” hits the surface for reasons that don’t matter at this juncture of the review, we hear many key phrases being tossed out there early on, from “Stay sharp!,” “Remember your training,” “Keep it tight,” being repeated often enough to be distracting.

Despite just coming up to the surface after ten years, they know that they will mutate after being bitten and they “off” their comrades with a knife slit to the throat.

And this was just the first hour.

Mutant World is not something to go out of your way to catch. Not for Coates, not even for Ashanti, even if she plays one of the cooler, but disappointing characters.

In the two hours of watching there were three twists that surprised me. But not enough to make me say WOW! Just, huh.

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