My “250×250 Geo Key” Title Problem with Google+ Fixed!

by on November 14, 2011

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Consumer news, Consumer alerts and a Consumer's opinionFor a while now I’ve been battling this issue with updating a Google+ page for my site and having the following phrase tacked on to the end of every single link I provided: “250250 Geo Key“ This is how one of my example titles looked like:

Syfy ThanksGiving Weekend Marathon Schedule250x250 Geo Key

Seriously! I couldn’t get around it and no matter how I searched for this trauma, I was not finding any results.

I initially felt dependent on Google developers and then on my advertising affiliates as I started hitting up those sites for assistance or insights. But regardless of where I went, I did not see any bulletin board posts or support focused on the issue at hand.

I even dropped hints out on Twitter and Facebook & my personal Google+ page, right in the faces of my many ‘digital’ online friends, but no one piped in. But that was OK, I sort of expected that. But hey, one could hope!

So, in some cases, like they say, if you want it done right…

Well, maybe not right, but I decided to quit waiting for someone to step up with help and started digging into my own website to see if I could find a clue.

Today I found that clue and ripped the offending code out of my site’s home page.

You see, the “250250” felt like it was one of my ad units, because that’s a size I had specified for a few things.

Then the “Geo Key” made me feel like there was something that was geographically based, that would target a users location to convey the right ads.

Sure enough, after I took the time to finally start dissecting my site I found the culprit.


I discovered that my Fandango affiliate ad was feeding, or tacking the “250250 Geo Key” text to the end of my titles on Google+. Imagine that!

Brusimm on Google+I conducted a test and ripped the ad out of it’s placement and sure enough, subsequent post headings to my Google+ page no longer had the appended text.

Awesome for me! I felt vindicated that I was able to defeat that monster on my own. Now I have to figure out how to autofeed my website to my Brusimm Google+ page! Then I can scratch that off my internet bucket list! LOL.


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