My Consumer “Experience” with PG&E On The Peninsula

by on April 22, 2011

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Check out this consumer experience with my electrical company, PG&E.

I’ve had quite the day here under Brusimm! Normally you’ll see a post here in the morning then mid-day a few scheduled articles start coming to life every hour or two. But on Thursday, (Apr 21) the site was live but updates were dark. There was a reason for that… PG&E zapped my cable modem! Let me explain. (Yes, the same PG&E that maintained the gas pipe that exploded, taking out an entire Bay Area neighborhood some months back.)

For the last few weeks we’ve been getting notices from our electricity provider, PG&E, that our electricity service will be cut off on Thursday night (4/21) from 10 pm to 6 am. Ug. We’ve been preparing for this event for a few weeks so when Thursday night came, we’d be ready.

We were going over some things on Wednesday night, checking on batteries, radio stations on the battery operated earthquake radios and such. We figure we’d get everything together Thursday night before the power goes out.


11:20 pm Wednesday night the power went down. Yea, no typo, no misunderstandings… the Thurs night power outage took place Wed night. All I could hear were my servers in the other room winding down from the sudden pull of power. Gulp! Abrupt power pulls are never good for computers.

The power came back up at 6:30 am, but I had gone to work at 5 am. I couldn’t sleep.

I had called the contact for PG&E and she was pretty informative and helpful… and let me know that they had sent out a reschedule notice. I either missed it or will get it in the mail tomorrow. LOL.

What I didn’t expect was that the jolt of getting electricity back would actually blow my cable modem serving my systems. Dang!

By 7:30 pm Thursday night, after getting a replacement modem from Comcast, I was back in business…. but eesh, this was no fun.

And listen, if you ever get a new cable modem and install it, you do not need to follow all the instructions that come with it, like install the desktop software that sets all kinds of functions in your browser. Just call Comcast and let them initialize it remotely. That’s if you care about that kind of stuff.

And that, was my adventure with PG&E replacing a power pole on my street.

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