My Dog, The Crazy Black Lab

by on December 6, 2013

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RIP Izzy

My beautiful 10-year-old (estimated at the time of this video) black Labrador dog that we adopted a few years ago is the sweetest creature on the planet. We adopted her when we were passing through Idaho. It seemed that this hunter’s dog was too old to be of use and she was just put out on the street. At least that was the popular theory from the Pet Adoption League office we found her at. She was probably raised in a very utilitarian way. She doesn’t know toys or games… just love for her fellow humans that she lives with.

Anyway, I think she’s more than just an ordinary dog. In the video below, you’ll notice that she seems rather focused on catching the roller coaster as it goes by, and as the roller coaster goes out of sight, well, there too, goes Izzy.


Crazy, huh?

Update: What’s crazy is YouTube (Google) terminating my account because someone marked my Pacific Rim movie clip as a violation of some policy. (Yes, the very same vid that’s hosted some 400,000+ times on YT!) Who’d a thunk!

Double Update 12-11-13: YouTube let me have my account back. Woo hoo!

So here’s my puppy, (may she rest in peace), chasing a train, over on DailyMotion!

Izzy Chasing Roller Coasters 2565b by brusimm

Even though she didn’t play with toys like most dogs do, she does love chasing trains, roller coasters and fireworks. Go figure.

(Originally posted “October 29, 2009“)

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