My Gorillapod Is The Best Tripod I've Ever Owned

by on December 25, 2009

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A few years ago my wife bought me a portable tripod. It was called the Gorillapod.

Prior to the Gorillapod, I’ve always lugged the rigid full-sized or close to full sized tripods. Once I had a Gorillapod, things changed for me. In a good way.

I can take this bad boy anywhere I go. It’s super light and it holds my Sony DSC-P150 rather nicely and does hold my Olympus. (I have the medium sized Gorillapod.)

I’ve hung the thing from trees, small posts, fences and well, lots of different things very successfully. The multi-segmented legs wrap around lots of things and the shape of the segments act wonderfully as a kind of foot latch to snag on things like fence tops.

I can’t say enough good things about the little thing and I’m looking to get the larger Gorillapod for my newest camera, my Olympus E-520.

I can’t find anything wrong with my Gorillapod, so I’m giving it a 10 out of 10.

If anyone else out there has had any experiences with their own Gorillapods, drop me a shout-out here on SoB… thanks!


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