My Race of Death in My Morning Commute

by on November 21, 2014

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. in 'The Dark Knight Rises' scheme in the 'Quicken Loans 400'Go Go Go Go Go, It is morning commute time!!!!

Folks are funny, are they not? So many folks are in a hurry out there on the road, whether it be during the work commute or even on the weekends, as they seem to be doing some of the craziest things I can think of with their cars in light or heavy traffic. It is almost funny. If they weren’t threatening others with their complete lack of skill.

Sure, they can go fast really well. And they can drive basically straight with the utmost skill. God help them and anyone around them if something came up that required them to take some form of evasive action. And taking evasive action at speed is not as easy as it looks on TV or telecast sporting events like NASCAR.

Heck, the other day I encountered two different styles of driver that should be completely removed from the road. One of them I call the “60-90 driver.” The “60-90 driver” thinks he is a race car driver and weaves through a tightly packed flow of traffic that is locked in at 60mph while he swishes and swerves through it at 90mph. What an ass-hat.

There are times where I sometimes find myself getting caught up in their fracas of hurried morning transits, because basically, they can’t seem to get up and out early enough to not drive like idiots.

Here’s a great, and I hope you’ll find somewhat funny recap of one of my morning encounters with the Mario Andretti’s of the morning highway:

So there I was, getting on the freeway headed to work. As I was getting on the freeway, I merged into the right lane and found a man in a white car hurtling upon my location and in a surprise move, rather than slow down to the pace I was holding with the rest of the pack, he passed me on the right. Yes, in the emergency parking lane.

A mile or two later I caught up to him and while he was jockeying left and right to get around the cars in his perceived path, I clung to the lane I had chosen and slowly passed him. This is the classic “tortoise passing the hare” moment.

But it did not take too long for him to find a way around me and he zipped past me on my left. He was hauling butt. It was almost impressive if this were a NASCAR race.

Yet as fate would have it and we approached a highway interchange, traffic was clustering up to get into the right lanes to exit our route and the blockage of sorts helped me get by our overly anxious commuter.

But my victorious pass was short-lived as he shoved his foot through the floor board, you can hear his engine screaming as it downshifted violently as he rocketed past me by using a three-lane swoop to the right, using the far right lane while passing me as I was skimming down the fast lane. There he went, leaving me in his dust.

As fate and traffic conditions would have it, I was able to catch up to his back bumper but I could not get past him. The pressure was on!

Back and forth this went for about 25 miles or so, first he had the lead, then I found myself in front of him and so forth we traded that coveted spot of being in front here and there, several times through the commute.

But alas, my off-ramp was approaching quickly and sadly I had to relinquish the lead I was presently finding myself in. Dang…

I turned off my cruise control and he went rocketing by, victorious in his new found position of harried power.

Yes, despite his frenzied need to pass everyone at every point he could, I kept catching up to this poor, harried driver while I maintained my constant pace set my my cruise control. Poor guy. He probably gives himself ulcers thinking he needs to be in front of the next car in front of him. I sort of feel sorry for these kinds of drivers.

I once knew a guy who had at least one fender bender a year because of his heavy footed driving patterns. When I asked why he drives like that, he replied, because he wants to spend as little time on the road as possible. LOL. If he only knew.

People are a funny lot, that’s for sure. Especially when you put them behind the wheel.

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