My Terrible SiriusXM Subscription Consumer Experience

by on April 3, 2015

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SiriusXM satellite radio logoI have been a SIRIUS subscriber for about 10 years. Six months ago I bought a Ford F-150 that came with a free Sirius subscription and it was due to expire on March 28th, 2015.

A few weeks prior to the six month free trail expiring, I went online to my account and had the “nice person” at the other end of the “Live Chat” button add this new radio to my account.

Done deal. Now I don’t have to worry about any coverage lapsing.

This morning I started my truck for my once-a-week drive into work and all I had was the Sirius preview channel. Apparently my contacting them to add the radio to my account was in vain. I am not sure how my adding a radio to my account failed, but it did.

Then the experience of a life time started for me.

I called SIRIUS while I was on the way to work. The nice man on the other end wanted to know what my radio id number was. I told him I could not ascertain that because I was driving to work right now.

He replied it’s OK, if I press my ‘menu’ button and start navigating through the options, I could ascertain the ID number that way. I repeated my statement that I am driving, hurtling down the highway at 70mph at 5 am in moderate traffic and I cannot operate my radio menu.

He then asked if I have any paperwork that I can review that had my radios ID number on it. That’s when I got pissed off and told him that apparently he has not been listening to anything I’ve been saying and that he can’t help me and I hung up.

Seriously? It seemed like the man was reading from a script and did not hear a single word I said about moving down the freeway at a high rate of speed. Like he was trying to kill me!!!

Later that day I called back, got another person and we chatted at length. Turned out I could get my vehicle’s VIN for him and they could figure it out from there.

Reflecting upon my morning, I guess the first guy wanted me to open my door at 70mph and read the tiny print on the edge of my door in the dark. Silly script readers.

After chatting with the fellow on the phone at length he had answered a lot of questions but I could not commit to any radio additions at that time.

Later in the day, around 11pm (never mind that I’m packing for a road trip in the morning), I sign my radio up online, using this sales letter saying what web address to go to, to get this great discount for the first few months.

I sign up and did not get that discount. The Live Chat button was broken so I could not get a-hold of anyone.

I then decided to go ahead and click that “Send Activation Signal” button to get my radio up and running so it is one less thing that I have to dick with in the morning. How do you think that went, considering the day so far?

So I go out in the dark, crank up my truck, dragging my laptop out with me. I get everything up and running and click on that button. And I get the message, that “Oops. You have exceeded the maximum number of activation signals allowed within a 24 hour period. Please call Listener Care at 855 MY REFRESH (697-3373) to request another signal. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Seriously number what today? But at least they apologized! Right?

So wait, there’s a phone number I can call to activate my radio. I’m sure they can sort it all out.


So I call the number and go through the entire regime of questions that the automated processes ask of me. After a few minutes of answering questions, it says hold on, then tells me that the call center is closed and to call back after 5am in the morning.

At this point, what hair I had left I am pulling violently at, screaming out loud, seriously??? (Yet again.)

Dealing with SiriusXM today has gone beyond disappointing.

I logged back into the site and started changing my subscription levels. I am done with all the foo-foo extras. But now it seems that I now have to send new activation signals to every radio I change. And we all know how that is going to go.

At this point in time, the millisecond Howard Stern leaves SiriusXM, I’m gone. Until then, I will have to tolerate the product. I now have three radios on my account. It is probably due time to drop one of them any way. Oh, and Sirius, if you think I won’t remember, eight years ago I suffered through a horrible Samsung smartphone experience and there are no Samsung products in the house to this day. Just saying.

Customer service reflects the core of a company, or at least that’s how I feel. Today, I learned a lot.

I’m very unhappy with the terrible service provided by SiriusXM today. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for over 10 years and this is one of the first times I truly needed their help and this was what I ended up with. Never mind my amazement at their third-party answering service when the first guy was so busy reading a script that he never heard me say I’m operating a motor vehicle and can’t operate menus or pull out paper work to read it.

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