My Walk Through Town – It’s Definitely Christmas

by on December 8, 2010

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Christmas Tree

Tonight I took a short three mile stroll through my neighborhood. Tonight seemed to be a particularly pleasant evening for my walk. The weather outside was misty, but people’s homes were cozy. Christmas is coming. You can smell it in the air.

My walk started and it was raining, the ground completely saturated. After some time the rain turned into a mist. Later, it picked up a bit then returned to a mist where if you looked far enough down the street it looked more like a foggy, distant view. It then stopped and all I had for company was the sound of car tires on wet pavement and my Christmas music from 94.5, KBAY. It was the most awesome accompaniment.

Christmas decorated houseAs I walked through my neighborhood there were houses of different states of existence and decoration. In some homes the lights were out and others, every light was on inside showing off their prized furnishings, decorations and what not.

Some homes made me feel like I was gazing at living Rockwell paintings as I gazed upon families at their dinner tables, the rain gently misting into their windows, making the view a glistening memory.

The holiday spirit is definitely abound. The Christmas decorations were many and varied. Some were just tall wooden soldiers outlining the front door of the home. Others included the front driveway or walkway lined in lights or mini-Christmas trees and yet others were the talk of the town as their electric bills will be abuzz with the same delight that the fully decked out homes were abuzz with glee right now.

Christmas decorated houseSome homes were decorated in such a utilitarian fashion that they were dang near perfect, the message sent in a terse and happy fashion.

It was a great walk, a peaceful walk and a walk that let me know that the family spirit is still alive and well when all is said and done.


No matter what, all I’m trying to say is have a happy holiday and remember your family, friends and send good wishes to those who could use them… some of us are just extremely lucky.

Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Everyone

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