NASCAR Raised Awareness of Breast Cancer, But Where are the Products?

by on October 18, 2011

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink ribbon symbolThe other weekend at the NASCAR race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, there were some awesome events to see.† Cars with pink highlights or just doused in pink altogether, various teams were showing support and bringing awareness to the issues of breast cancer.

With ratings of around 4 million viewers, there’s hope some folks will see this campaign and eyebrows will go up.† Awareness for a few will become a fact.† And that’s cool… every single person who helps the cause can matter.

But during this particular Saturday night race, site visitor Melissa left a comment on my site at NASCAR Campaigns for Breast Cancer Awareness saying:

“Why isnít there any gear for Nascar Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer Awareness??? I have searched for over an hour and found nothing. Thereís a very unique pink ribbon with nascar in the design. I would love to have a tee-shirt with that on it. Nascar is supporting this cause in so many ways at the track, but has offered nothing for the fans to purchase, and show their support as well. PLEAE MAKE GEAR FOR THE FANS!!”

I never thought of it, but then I started digging around the web looking for anything that NASCAR might be selling to help support the cause.† And sure enough, awareness has been bolstered, but I could not find anything for the NASCAR fan to buy to support the cause, except for a few diecasts and a tee-shirt for a Kevin Harvick effort.

That’s it.† OH!!!† Wait gang!† I did find something!† Over at The NASCAR foundation, they have a page called NASCAR Unites for Kids Affected by Breast Cancer.† They have a lanyard you can snag if you want something.

I can’t knock on the effort NASCAR has done to bring awareness to the cause of fighting cancer, specifically in this month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month.† But what’s up with no NASCAR-based products coming out of the halls of NASCAR for fans to buy, to show their support of both NASCAR and breast cancer research.† That would be optimal.† For both.

On one hand, I appreciate NASCAR stepping up.† On the other hand, I think NASCAR needs to put more money opportunities where their mouth is, and make more products available for fans to purchase.

To be honest, each race telecast is a missed opportunity of grand proportions, with millions of viewers tuning in.

With that said, here are some things that NASCAR fans can look into…

Ford has an entire initiative…† Ford Cares / Warriors in Pink:†

Chevy donated $200 a lap each time their pink pace car had pace the field under caution.† (Yea, only $200, but it’s something.) Then there’s Chevy teaming up with the American Cancer Society:†

Dodge:† Help Dodge Breast Cancer Society:†

Non automotive initiatives include an effort from Yoplait Yogurt!† They’re donating to the cause with every yogurt you eat…† just buy, eat, and submit the code under the lid to a website and they’ll make a donation.† If you also mail in the lids, they’ll make a donation per lid also.† They’re willing to donate up to $2 million this year.


Heck, just liking their Facebook page [] will get them to donate 10 cents to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure cause.

The Power of One Against Breast Cancer

There are many ways to help the cause against breast cancer.† And it can be super easy too.† One dollar… that’s it.† My premise is that everyone who watched a NASCAR race pitched a single dollar towards any cause, considering they’re averaging 3 to 4 million viewers per race, well, that would be a wonderful chunk of change towards the cause against breast cancer, or cancer in general.

You can hit up the link here below, check out the links off to the left of this article, near the top of this article, or find the organization of your own choice and help out… a mere dollar can go a long way.

[Cancer Proceed Sales on Amazon]

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