NBC Renews Some Shows, Orders Other New Ones [‘Parenthood’ and ‘Harry’s Law’]

by on May 12, 2011

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NBC Universal logoWhat awesome news for Parenthood fans… While NBC has ordered a few new shows, (Awake, Playboy Club, Grimm) they’ve left room to renew a few good solid standbys.

The shows renewed are Parenthood and Harry’s Law. Both great solid entertainment venues.

What I’m extremely curious and looking forward to is the show called Awake.

Formerly known as REM, Awake is about a detective, played by Jason Isaacs. After an accident, his life is split into two different realities. In one reality, his wife survives the accident while his son dies. In the other reality, his son survives.

The real catch is that these realities are hard to define. Which one is real and which one isn’t. He goes to sleep in one, there he is in a different one. Other things are also a bit different in the two realities. It really does sound interesting to me and I look forward to it.

It’s written by Kyle Killen and exec produced by Howard Gordon (24).

Grimm stars David Giuntolli and is a fantasy based crime drama that takes place in a world that is filled by characters from the Grimm Fairy Tales.

Also amongst the pickups are Up All Night with Christina Applegate, Smash with Debra Messing and Katherine McPhee, Prime Suspect with Maria Bello. If you’re a fan of Eddie Cibrian and/or Amber Heard, they’ll be starring in Playboy Club, a series about the bunnies and the men in their lives.

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