NBC Says Revolution is TV’s Most Watched Show, But Is It True?

by on October 14, 2012

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NBC TV network logo 200wThis piece is not about NBC or Revolution, but rather, it’s about a bit of curiously deceptive looking advertising that is confusing me. Or, some sort of weird statistics being reported by a spin doctor or two. I have nothing against either entity noted here, it’s just something that caught my eye and I looked into it with some investigative reporting.

Over the last few weeks, NBC has been pitching one of their newest hit shows, Revolution, in their own TV ads. One of the last ads that I saw run had a real number indicating that 30 million people have watched the show. (That was up 1 million from the ad the week before.)

But that doesn’t add up, unless, I suspect, these are cumulative numbers from broadcast (live, live+7) & VoD & online streaming put together, since the show premiered early on VoD for a weeks, up until the latest possible .

And now the NBC ads for Revolution are claiming it’s the most watched show on TV. Is it? From my perspective, it doesn’t seem that way.

Let me explain with some TV ratings numbers…

For the week ending September 30th:

Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos in RevolutionC: “Really? We have fudged Numbers?”
M: “Just let it go Charlie.”

The most watched show this week was Sunday Night Football with 14 million viewers.

NCIS had 12.5M total viewers.

Person of Interest, 8.8M.

For total viewers that week, the 25th most watched show that week was 2 Broke Girls, with 6.2M.

Revolution didn’t make this list.

In the 18-49 yr old demographic though, Revolution ranked 15th, with 4.3M viewers.

For the week ending October 7th:

NCIS was the number 1 most viewed show of the week with 11.6 million viewers.

The Big Bang Theory had 9.3M.

The 25th most watched show that week was The Good Wife… with 5.9M.

Revolution didn’t even make the top 25 in “HH sh” numbers. (Though, in the important important ad demo of 18-49, the show ranked 15th with 4M in that demo.)

Hmm… most watched show on TV? I don’t see that.

I hate deceptive advertising, regardless of what it is. Even a show I’m watching… like Revolution. Now, if they could just get Charlie some, well, you probably know what I”m thinking.

Quickie Update 10/14/12: Not sure if I missed it or they changed their ad, but tonight the ad says most watched new show/series. So I did a quick double check on those charts and I’m still not feeling it… Vegas and Elementary were in those top-25 charts. Unless NBC is leaving out the idea that the most watched new show (on NBC). Just sayin’. Slick slight of hand!

Update #3 (10-16-12): Ha! I think I figured it out! Their new show is the most watched new show (And they left off: On Monday nights!) OK, I’m all settled now! They just forgot to put a few critical words in the advert.

Ratings from TV By The Numbers, [September 30], [October 7th].

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