NBC’s “Awake” Season Premiere Date Announced

by on February 5, 2012

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Back in March ’11 and later in May of that year, I told you about Awake, a new show ordered up from NBC. It looks like it will be premiering pretty soon.

Jason Isaacs in Awake

Awake will premiere on Thursday, March 1st at 10 p.m.. It stars Jason Isaacs as “a police detective whos involved in a traumatic car accident and wakes up in two fractured realities.”

His life is now torn between two realities. In one, his wife survived the accident & his son did not. In the other reality, it’s the other way around. When he goes to sleep in one reality, he’ll wake up in the other.

The catch is that it’s very difficult to define whicn of these realities is real. (And some wonder, if either one will turn out real.)

Plus, there are subtle differences between the two different realities. Subtle, but noticeable. (At least that’s how it was described last year.)

Its written by Kyle Killen (Lone Star, The Beaver, Upcoming Daredevil movie reboot.) and exec produced by Howard Gordon (The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, 24, Homeland).

Just looking at the resumes of the creative team behind Awake, I would think it won’t suck.

[THR: Premiere Date of Awake]

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