NBC’s Bay Area Deceptive Boston Marathon Coverage

by on April 17, 2013

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Of all Big Four networks, NBC was the only network to produce… or advertise for a special covering the tragic events that took place earlier that day at the Boston Marathon.  The special’s ads were timed well, as there were other ads for news programs with the big names of their network delivering up-to-date news on events that we care about.

The also shoved Revolution aside, though they didn’t come anywhere near their ratings gold baby, The Voice. (That should have been my first clue.)

Of course the extra news coverage cranked out strong ratings for the 10 o’clock hour as we all tuned in to check out the latest news on the event.

Silly Me, I Put 2 & 1 Together And Thought 4!

When I saw ads for extended or up to the minute coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombings, AND I saw ads talking about their big guns being on top of the news we want to see, I made a piss-poor assumption that what was coming up was an extra hour of news on the bombings, with detailed recaps and updates.

My wife was saying, thank god.  I was at work all day so now I can be filled in by all the details.  So we were pretty expectant of the NBC news show.

Side note:  I don’t know about you and where you live, but we’re “Bay Area Proud.”  That means when something happens, some of the first news reports we get around here in the Bay Area, are about local residents that happened to have been at, seen or knew people who were at the scene.

I get it, but it seems to have fairly high priority as far as what gets reported.

With That Said:

When we tuned into our Bay Area NBC affiliate, we were presented with our local newscasters who presented a few report items on the bombing, and then we got local news pieces, phone interviews with locals who were there, more local news, a bit more on the Boston bombings, then more local news.

We were fairly miffed and I have to say, with Comcast now owning a controlling stake in NBC, I’m not sure who to be more ticked at.

This isn’t the first time (that I’ve noticed) that NBC has tossed out “interesting” marketing that wasn’t incorrect, but designed to draw in viewers and completely mislead TV consumers.*

*Revolution was the most watched premiere (Despite not breaking the top-25 in most watched shows that week.)

I have no control over it and all I could do was start skimming other news channels for real updates.  So all I’m left with is a “Meh” feeling.

Right now, I’m not completely committed to NBCUniversal.

For me they have The Voice and RevolutionRevolution has improved immensely over the first part of its season, but not sure if it will last into a second season.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it does, on sheer faith alone.

But as far as NBC’s newest marketing tricks, I’m not sure if this is something new (since the advent of Comcast taking over) or if they’ve always been doing this and I just didn’t care enough to take notice.

Either way, every time they tick me off, I chalk it up and add it to the tally.

That’s all I have to say on the NBC sort of false marketing schemes.


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