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POWERLESS TV review(Even Tudyk looks suspicious of the TV ratings of Powerless)

NBC‘s Powerless is nothing more than a thinly veiled sitcom wrapped within the world of DC‘s land of vigilantes and meta humans. And it’s even failing at doing that. It feels like even the creative team behind the show has no clue how to handle this product and they’re winging it. With a swing and a miss!

Alan Tudyk things on Amazon

The show follows the staff of an insurance company that specializes in products that protect the  defenseless innocent public bystanders from the collateral damage of Superheroes and Supervillains.

After watching a few episodes of Powerless, despite the cast of Alan Tudyk, Vanessa Hudgens and a few others, the episodes use a very light framework of a plot in each episode. They only have thirty minutes and they populate those thirty minutes with giddy-based story and characters with googly eyes and goofy banter.

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Here and there we hear or see references to the standard inventory of DC comics characters, but nothing about this show pulls me in. The characters themselves seem like sad, thinly thought out personalities who live in a city populated by heroes who destroy public property all around our characters, while they try to dream up inventions to help protect the population.

Even the talents of Alan Tudyk are wasted on his doofy character as the nephew of Bruce Wayne and I’m bummed that yet another show he’s in tends to suck.  At least they don’t have a horrible laugh track in the show, but to be honest, it would be the perfect show for it. And if you know how I feel about laugh tracks, well, you know that’s saying something.

But boo. Just boo and I’m pulling this show out of my DVR schedule. I have better things to watch, like grass growing in the dark and what not.

As a disclaimer, I’m not a comedy series fan to begin with and that might be where this show fails for me. Over on IMDb, just over two thousand users chimed in, giving the show a 6.4/10. And if you take a peak at the TV ratings, it seems to be one of the worse rated shows on NBC with barely over two million viewers chiming in to suffer or watch the show. Since it’s premiere, it’s lost nearly 20% of its initial audience.

Powerless: Season One Ratings

Personally, I’d be shocked if it gets a second season. If it even lasts through a full first season. If you’re thinking of checking it out, go for it… but then you can say, wow, I see what Bruce means.

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