NBC’s ‘Revolution’ From Abrams and Favreau Looks Pretty Damn Cool

by on May 15, 2012

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'Revolution' on NBC 2012-2013 TV Fall Season

NBC’s newest offering, called Revolution, is about a point in our soon to be imaginary history where all forms of power disappear. From there, society movies forward and develops, as things do when there’s no power. The series takes place 15 years after this huge power “outage” where governments have fallen and small, local militias have taken hold apparently.

(For the upcoming 2012-2013 TV season, this could be the next Jericho! It has that feel to it that made me think of that show instantly. Not to discredit the older series, but this might be something worth checking out if you liked that other series.)

The show is from & produced by J.J. Abrams (Bad Robot) and the pilot is directed by Jon Favreau.

'Revolution' on NBC cast photo

Right there, I’m already hooked because I tend to like what Abrams comes up with and “In Favreau, I trust!” And yet, that’s not all… Supernatural‘s creator, Eric Kripke and Bryan Burk (Lost) are exec producing.

I mean seriously, just reviewing the creative team helming the show has me thinking that NBC not only stepped up to herald a sci-fi series, but put some serious money into it to make sure it works. The network does need a solid series to boast about these days that isn’t a reality TV competition!

But then if you take a look at the cast, hope grows ever brighter still for the show because the cast has some popular power hitters! And the trailer makes the series look very promising. (But then again, that’s the job of a trailer! So it’s doing its job very well!)

The Cast:

We have Billy Burke, from the Twilight film franchise & Red Riding Hood, Drive Angry;

Giancarlo Esposito, who I know as Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring fro Breaking Bad, and is also in Once Upon a Time;

Andrea Roth from the freshly canceled Ringer TV series, but also known for her part in Rescue Me as Janet Gavin;

Tim Guinee… a favorite character actor of mine, whom I first saw in the Stargate TV series franchise (Tomin), and has also had roles in Strange World and The Good Wife. (Plus 70 other TV series guest appearances!) You might have also caught him in Favreau’s Iron Man movies… both 1 and 2 or Water for Elephants. Guinee has this presence I enjoy… quiet, and yet, when need be, quick acting and powerful. He’s had roles in almost 40 movies. The man is everywhere!

Tracy Spiridakos in 'Revolution' on NBC

Tracy Spiridakos, from Syfy’s Being Human, and Majority Rules.

Other cast includes

JD Pardo (Drive, with a role in the upcoming part 2 of Breaking Dawn);

Stuntman Brandon Molale, who you might recognize if you’ve seen The Jay Leno Show, or when he stepped in to be Kevin Durand’s stunt double in Real Steel… and he’s had actual roles too, like in True Blood.

Jeff Wolfe was a “Tall Thug” in The Avengers, did stunts in Captain America: The First Avenger, played Bob Banks in Green Lantern and was a stunt double in other projects, like Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, The Expendables, The Book of Eli and so forth. This guy travels in the same circles I watch! And if he has any decent acting skills, then NBC saves money on not needing a stunt double for the guy!

Zak Orth (the guy who gets that curious silver thing from Guinee) has been in 27 movies and has 20 TV show guest spots to his credits.

Looking over some other cast members, there’s a few stuntmen in the mix, but hey, if this is a break for them, cool for them!

NBC’s Revolution Trailer

With Jon Favreau directing the pilot, I’m pretty excited about. But as we’ve learned, and as other directors step up and as we’ve learned from my interview with Person Of Interest‘s Kevin Chapman, unlike movies, the day-to-day direction or series oversight comes more from the producers than the directors.

I’ll definitely be tuning in and you’ll hear from me about the series premiere of Revolution after it airs, which right now, is slated for a Monday night time slot on NBC.

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