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by on May 21, 2011

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In the closing episodes of the eighth season of NCIS, titled “Baltimore,” “Swan Song” & “Pyramid,” they’ve done it again and pulled out some stops to make this yet another memorable season closer. The team is on the tail of the “Port to Port” serial killer, which we learn is former Lt. Jonas Kobb (Kerr Smith). But that information came with a heavy price.

Kobb gives Mike Franks (Muse Watson) his last good fight, and Franks dies by his hand. But Franks didn’t have long to live anyway, so it would seem he went out on his own terms. I was as sad as the NCIS team itself to see Franks leave. But Franks’ funeral was as touching, to see Gibbs (Mark Harmon) handy wood work adorning his coffin.

Ziva (Cote de Pablo) uncharacteristically finds herself kidnapped and held prisoner by Kobb. But it was again, all a ruse. The team goes after Ziva and Kobb gets what he wants… inside NCIS to get closer to who he thinks is to blame for the program where he himself was trained, trianed to become the best killing machine ever.

In the end, Kobb is stopped by the team. It takes the entire team to stop him, but I think there was a snag in the plot.

Kobb wsa a very methodical, well planned out and plotted character. He was the impossible criminal to catch. But then his getting caught seemed a wee bit more simple than I thought. He showed up at Gibbs’ house, but killed Franks. He let himself get caught to get inside NCIS, and though he manages to wrangle three of the people he needed to kill, he is taken down.

Don’t mistake this observation as dis-liking the season finale of NCIS. I loved it as I love all the episodes of the series. Much like The CW‘s Supernatural, in the middle of the serious plots are injected some finely tuned, well balanced humor and character interaction that keeps the show alive and vibrant.

All I have to say is what is this thing with Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) being pulled into the SCIF, tasked to find the seller of Top Secret information? Who oh who could that be. I could not tell if he looked like he recognized the person or not in the folder he opened.

Regardless, the “Port to Port” killer story line was an enjoyable, multi-episode story. I like stories that last over several episodes. All too often a series will build up what could be a wonderful season story and then take it and finish it off in a single episode. In the past, TV series would keep the fan/viewer drooling about what’s up for an entire season. That’s what NCIS did this last season. I look forward to what’s up with DiNozzo’s new secret assignment and how long that will take in the next season of NCIS on CBS.

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