NCIS Season Premiere, “Extreme Prejudice” Recap/Review

by on September 26, 2012

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Mark Harmon in NCIS 10th season premiere titled Extreme Prejudice

NCIS 10th season premiere titled “Extreme Prejudice,” picked up where things left off last season, but many stories are quickly resolved.  We weren’t left hanging in the dark about are favored characters.

Gibbs, McGee, Sciuto, Vance, and Mallard are all OK.  DiNozzo and Ziva are stuck in the elevator a bit longer and they seem to be handling it OK, more or less.

The real chase is on, pursuing Harper Dearing and to use extreme prejudice in his capture.

His capture isn’t that easy, he’s a wily little f*r!

In several attempts, he takes out several agents.  He even uses the body of his dead brother to try and throw the team off his case.  But the team finally gets a break and knows where he’s holed up.

But Dearing was 20 minutes ahead of the team, yet again.

But Gibbs has a good idea where he went, and goes solo to confront him.

Mark Harmon, Joe Spano, Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo in NCIS season premiere Extreme Prejudice

Dearing is waiting for him, but with coffee and a good stiff drink instead.  Gibbs will have no part of it and in a situation where it looks like Dearing isn’t planning to get out of, he goes for a gun and Gibbs puts him down with his pocket knife.

Extreme prejudice was executed by Gibbs.

This season premiere of NCIS wasn’t the usual episode of the show.  Rather than the format of pursuing a case, it’s about the clean up from the bombing and the pursiut of the man who attacked Gibbs family.

But it was good to catch Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, Rocky Carroll, David McCallum and Brian Dietzen back at work in the thick of things.

Gary Glasberg wrote the episode and Tony Wharmby directed. Joshua Rexon produced.

It’s good to have NCIS back in the schedule of TV viewing!

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