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by on August 2, 2016

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mpc-hc, a media player replacement

Of late, my Windows Media Player is acting like a P.o.S., where it makes me wait around 30 seconds between playing videos, or that it constantly accesses my Cd drive when I start a video. How annoying.

Add that to my woes with my MS operating system and the known update snags it seems to have developed and I decided to look around at different video players.

I found the following video players via a few recommendations and a web search:

  • Handbrake,
  • VLC Media Player,
  • MPC-HC x64.

I had snagged the first two players because my Windows Media Player was not playing a 2k formatted video. I did not realize that WMP was limited in what it could play.

The first two players, “Handbrake” and “VLC Media Player” work just fine but “Handbrake” is more of a converter than a player.

“VLC Media Player” loads a touch slower because it too is known for the things it can do to or with videos.

But then I happened across “MPC-HC x64” and it seems to be a nice replacement for Windows Media Player. If you set it to be your default video player, start up is instantaneous and at least in my situation, you can start up rapid-fire videos.

Don’t get me wrong, WMP is fine. It works just fine on my computer at work, but man, it is a piece of dog on my laptop at home!

Now “MPC-HC x64” isn’t the perfect player by far, but for what it is, it gets the job done just fine. It reminds me of when I replaced my funky “ACDSee” image  software with a quicker, lighter image viewer and manipulator, “FastStone Image Viewer!” But more on that in a different post.

As much as I’d like to fill out this piece with more words, to be honest, this is it. It works.

Check them out at ‘ ‘ and see what you think.

Do have any decent video player replacement suggestions? If so, leave them in the comments below.


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