NEMESIS GAMES (The Expanse) Book Review

by on August 15, 2016

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NEMESIS GAMES book review

A quick disclaimer: I NEVER pay full paperback book prices for Kindle versions. Except for this book series, The Expanse.

I just had the fun opportunity to read one of the latest chapters in the James S. A. Corey series, The Expanse, titled Nemesis Games.

In this latest chapter, we’ve seen how in the previous books, a thousand worlds have been opened up to humanity through the alien technology of the rings.

But like the old western land rush era of Earth, when pioneers move onward to the new lands, this changes the dynamic of life. In this case, it’s new planets, but this opportunity has brought about a number of situations that a new, scary, brave world can bring about.

Ships are going through the rings, but not coming out on the other side. Terrorists have grand plans to make their point about how the regular man or human, has no opportunity available to them. And behind it all, is the last known sample of the protomolecule, in Fred Johnson’s possession.

Meanwhile, our heroes, the crew of the Rocinante, are station based while their beloved warship is in dock for some lengthy repairs.

Each to a tee, decide to take advantage of this down time, to do some things on their own, to visit old friends, set some old wrongs right, or just go off and do something because they were asked.


This is the fifth novel in The Expanse series from Corey and in this chapter, they (Corey is a pen name for two writers) give each character their own story as they pursue their own “shore leave,” as it might be.

We watch the primary story unfold and then watch each character experience and deal with the monstrous events that take place in the story.

And through it all, the story is fresh, insightful, horrifying and fairly thrilling.

If you’ve seen the Syfy channel’s version of The Expanse, but not the book series, and you like the show, you will LOVE the book series. The series bogs down the story with a ton of useless filler banter and material you never see in the book series. I believe to make the show last a numebr of seasons. But it’s a shame because the show insults the quality and excellence of the book series.

The books are easy to get immersed in, and they can become page-turners that keep you up late at night if you’re not careful.

I can’t recommend the book series or the prequel shorts to The Expanse by James S.A. Corey enough. Like I said, these are the only books I pay the premium full prices for the Kindle versions.

If you’re keeping up with the series, I think you’ll love this fifth book in the series, Nemesis Games. If you haven’t, you have a gem of a series to read ahead of you.

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