Netflix to Pay Comcast For Better Streaming Speeds?

by on February 23, 2014

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Some time ago, I was pretty frustrated with my Netflix experience as my streaming feed was pretty choppy and blocky at times. It was o bad that I would not even try cranking up Netflix around dinner time in my time zone.

I started doing some research and was seeing a lot of references to how Sony shuttles streaming content through proxy servers first before giving me my content.

I did not disbelieve this premise, considering that late last year, my Sony TV started rebooting itself uncontrollably one Friday night. As I started cruising the web, I others saying the same thing.

How curious. But then I found a few unsubstantiated posts around the web saying a Sony server had problems and that’s why we were having issues.

Wow, the modern era is trippy.

So seeing this I had been digging around trying to figure out any more collaborating information on proxy servers that are controlling my TV and reception of Netflix.

I found a few things, and I had been working on a “frustrated consumer” piece about my Sony TV, Sony servers and Sony and other brands channeling Netflix through proxies.

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Then I saw this news piece today on how Netflix is allegedly paying Comcast to end their “slowdown standoff.”

Yes, you don’t need to read between the lines to understand that Comcast would seem to have been throttling Netflix access back due to some snit the two companies were having.

The Wall Street Journal had a piece reporting that Netflix will have to pay Comcast for have access to their broadband network, hence, providing a smoother consumer experience for anyone who subscribes to Netflix.

This of course, touches on the issue of Net Neutrality, where if it were to go away, companies like Comcast could enact blockages on other digital business entities, then charge them a fee to have better streaming speeds.

Yes, it sounds like protection money that local gangsters would charge local businesses to have them NOT harass them.

And if a company like Comcast could selectively charge for “protection fees,” as I humorously noted, and then you, the consumer, would see the results of that by getting charged more by Netflix for a subscription.

In the ugly world of competition, then this would cripple Netflix and Comcast could come up with their own Netflix-like offering.

You can see how this can get ugly, and this is how or why Net Neutrality or the concept of it, is so important. And this deal between Netflix and Comcast, seems to be that tip of the iceberg where the concept becomes threatened.

This situation should not have been allowed to develop to this point.

[source: TechCrunch]

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