Netflix’s Halloween Channel Offerings, A Bit Hollow

by on October 13, 2012

in Entertainment

Netflix LogoI previously reported on Netflix’s Halloween or “Horror” offerings….  and I went and checked out what they were offering.  I checked out all 200+ horror movies in the queue.

Sure, they had a dozen or so good, classic horror selections that are admirably some of the best classic movies out there.


Wow, if you’ve taken a look at the list of movies under Netflix’s horror section reads more like the “D” list of Syfy Channel movies.  No, not just Syfy movies,  but the BAD Syfy movies.

So if you are looking for some of these classics, you’re in luck…  otherwise, well, yikes!

  • An American Werewolf in London
  • Carrie,
  • Child’s Play,
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon: Special Edition,
  • Dracula,
  • The Faculty,
  • Frankenstein,
  • Friday the 13th,
  • From Dusk Till Dawn,
  • Ghost,
  • Halloween: Resurrection,
  • Hannibal,
  • Hellraiser,
  • House on Haunted Hill,
  • Jeepers Creepers,
  • Let the Right One In,
  • Little Shop of Horrors,
  • Nosferatu,
  • The Omen,
  • Pet Sematary,
  • Psycho,
  • Scary Movie,
  • South Park Spook-Tacular!
  • Stephen King’s Children of the Corn,
  • The Thing,



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