Networks Sell Almost $10 Billion In Ads for 2011-12 TV Season

by on May 4, 2011

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Zoinks, with all of our local schools laying off people left and right because somehow the monies are drying up for our nation’s future, at least our five big networks are faring OK. It’s been reported that they pulled in $9.5 billion in ad revenue for the upfront ad sale commitments.

Upfronts are the time of year when advertisers purchase their ad time for the upcoming season, at a discounted rate. Ads sales are available all year long, but this is the cheap time of year for ad sellers.

CBS NetworkIn the upcoming 2011-12 TV season, there are over 100 projects ordered for your consumption. The five networks noted are ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW.

Yep, now The CW, a part of CBS, is being tossed into the news fray as one of the big five networks. That’s a great testament to perseverance with small but popular TV venues.

On ABC, there’s the Charlies Angels reboot.

On CBS, there’s Person of Interest from J.J. Abrams. The sisterly show called Ringer, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

NBC has Wonder Woman.

Fox NetworkFox has Touch, a supernatural kind of show starring Kiefer Sutherland. There’s also the Spielberg production of Terra Nova… if it quits getting stalled for one reason or another.

And the CW has The Awakening… a show about zombies… a different kind of show indeed. I think I have a script review laying around here somewhere… I should quit teasing you and put it up.

We’ll see how things pan out!


Meanwhile, USA network has loaded up on more comedies and retaining staples such as White Collar, Burn Notice and Fairly Legal is returning for a second season.


All this money that is being spent ‘upfront’ by advertisers, is happening despite statistics showing that the number of televisions owned in the home has dropped by 2%. There’s different perspectives on why that is… but with advertisers dropping the golden dollar, $9.5 billion of them, that they must know something or have wrangled strong deals that spread their wares across both the telecast and streaming content venues.

But the questions persist as to why the drop in TV ownership. The reasons are multi-fold.

  1. Bad economy,
  2. The prices of new digital TVs,
  3. Abandoning TV for online viewing.

Nielsen is all over this and starting to look at how to adjust their approach to the market metrics and tracking those who partake in the world of online streaming.

And that is the news from the land of network TV, from Cinema Static.


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