New Riddick Movie Gets a Real Movie Rating!

by on November 1, 2012

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Vin Diesel 'Chronicles of Riddick' Sequel, 'Dead Man Stalking' (2013)

News on the street is that the newest upcoming Riddick franchise movie is getting an R movie rating.  For Riddick fans, this is good news, meaning we’ll be getting the proper version of Riddick’s upcoming movie.  (Sources say the working movie title is Riddick: Dead Man Stalking.)

Riddick: Dead Man Stalking has been said to take place after the events of Pitch Black and stars Vin Diesel and is written and directed by David Twohy (A Perfect Getaway, Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick).  Diesel has co-produced.

Other cast includes Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Dave Bautista, Jordi Mollà, Nolan Gerard Funk, Bokeem Woodbine & Raoul Trujillo.

The story goes that Riddick has been left for dead on a lifeless planet, but it’s not so lifeless.  Riddick finds himself fighting against alien predators and then more mercs, who come looking for him.

Should be classic Riddick.

There’s no release date yet for the movie, but if it has a new movie rating, I’m guessing that we’ll be hearing about a release date pretty soon.

And you will definitely see me in the theater for this one.  In Riddick, we trust!  (He’s got a very simple, straight forward management technique.)

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