New ‘Transformers 3’ Promo Banners For Some Bots

by on April 22, 2011

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'Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon' movie logo

Yesterday while I was dealing with power outages and blown cable modems, Paramount released a few new promo banner images of Bumblebee and Shockwave from the upcoming Transformers 3 movie. Was I not just wondering a few days ago when we’ll be seeing promo images for Shockwave? LOL… great minds, etc, etc.

These are huge images. I’m putting the more reasonably sized images here and adding links to the … huger versions of the bots from Transformers 3!

'Transformers 3' promo banner bumblebee 01 600wLarger Version

'Transformers 3' promo banner ShockwaveLarger Version

Things are getting pretty exciting. They’ve announced that the next movie trailer is coming out soon… I wonder (here I go again) if we’ll be getting some Shockwave in that trailer?  We came across these newer promo images via Slashfilm.

Transformers 3, or Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens when?  Dang, the posters gave that one away, didn’t they?  Yep, July 1st.

'transformers 3' bumblebee head shot

'transformers 3' shockwave head shot


OH!  Before I forget, here’s an interesting bonus pic I came across at TFW2005!  Cool behind-the-scenes image of the prop heads for Shockwave and Soundwave!

'Transformers 3' Soundwave and Shockwave prop heads on set

Tell me that’s not totally awesome!!!???

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