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Below are a few news bites on Arrow’s Stephen Amell and a statement he made about The Flash movie casting announcement, a bit about the fate of Constantine on NBC and where did the rest of the Selfie episodes go?

Arrow’s Stephen Amell did not seem happy during an interview in how DC and WB handled the news about the casting of the movie character before the CW’s Flash series even hit its second episode.  It would seem that a TV show’s second episode is even more important than its first because it can indicate how the show is being received after the premiere episode. Do the numbers go up, down or stay the same.  But while the show was looking to get traction on the air, WB and DC had announced casting for their slate of upcoming Justice League related comic book movies.

Amell did not thing it was cool, and in fact, in an interview, called it shitty timing.

To quote him,

“I thought that the way that Warner Bros. announced the slate of DC movies could have been handled better. I think someone like Grant Gustin, who has just launched an iconic character like the Flash, to record breaking numbers. Numbers that far surpassed Arrow’s numbers… All that being said, I think that he should have been given a wider berth than two episodes before another actor was announced to play his character… “

He has a point about the timing and how DC seems to have blown off Gustin’s portrayal of the character. I remember just a few years ago how DC and WB were pretty stubborn about Smallville and other movies during its run and how when properties air on both the small and big screens, it can dilute their numbers traction in either market.  I guess that premise no longer stands true or is outdated?

Despite Amell being correct, I think he needs to be more honest in a more constructive fashion, which is code for shut up. One’s job in the entertainment industry can come and go pretty fast, depending on who likes or dislikes you.

Just sayin!

On the other hand, the brutal honesty is awesome to see and endears fans to an actor. And to be clear, his various statements about the timing were not done in anger, but more in just an observational fashion.


Remember when we heard the news that Selfie, starring Karen Gillan and John Cho, might be getting axed a few weeks back? And then we heard it won’t be returning for a second season, but ABC would let the show run out its season of episodes? Then ABC just up and axed it right after that?

ABC is now going to take the remaining episodes of Selfie that never made it to broadcast and “air” them on Hulu and, if you’re interested.

Why Hulu? ABC is one of the co-owners of Hulu.


Speaking of potentially troubled shows, Constantine might be having issues, but then again, it might not be. It is confusing, but here’s the gist of the news on the NBC series based on the DC Comics franchise:

NBC has halted any additional production of Constantine, leaving the number of episodes in the can at 13. That is it. For the momemnt.

Now obviously when a net stops production at a half-season of eps, that can’t be good news. But then something happened. The ratings started to take off on them after the fifth episode.

Right now, unlike some other shows, NBC claims that Constantine is still in contention for a second season. And if the numbers for the show do start to climb and stay strong then, as I am surmising, we will be seeing more of the show.

To be honest, I get the lull in numbers. I watched the first few episodes and I truly DID NOT CARE. But it is a comic property and it is NOT wrestling, like what is on Syfy on Friday nights. So I’ve bene watching.

The first episode felt like a rehash of sorts of the 2005 movie that starred Keanu Reeves and Shia LaBeouf and then it took a bit of twist off in its own direction. But I did not care about the character.

But the action of the story did start getting better. But I’ve been on the bubble and not caring if I miss it or not. I do not know what the reason was for the uptick in numbers. There is at least the fact that they are seeing pretty decent boosts in DVR viewing.

The show is only half way through its now shortened season, and we’ll see how it holds up through the rest of its story.

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