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by on December 20, 2012

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Twilight Zone TV seriesToday I saw a few interesting news pieces on a new Twilight Zone TV series, & something about who’s going to play the new Kojak???

First up,

Twilight Zone

CBS is looking to revamp the classic Rod Serling series, Twilight Zone. This could be good news or it could be “meh” news since we’ve seen a few attempts at reviving the classic series with a remake or two.

The problem is that they’re only remakes and were hollow versions of the classic series.


Industry analysts think it’s the right time for a remake or reboot because of the momentum of popularity for genre series like The Walking Dead & Revolution, plus other genre series are trying to hop on this bubble with a Hannibal & Dracula series.

But #2…

No one can seem to hit the same tone that the original series did, despite the fact it’s an old series that gets repeated annual marathons. And always very entertaining.

But #3…

Early news is that X-Men’s Bryan Singer is slated to be the executive producer. So, there could be hope for this production of Twilight Zone. Just a little.



The other news I thought was interesting was that Vin Diesel has been tagged to play Kojak in a movie remake of the classic 1973-78 TV series. The one that Telly Savalas made popular.

And to be honest, what a perfect casting for the image of Kojak that Savalas left behind.

Vin Diesel will also be producing while the team of Neal Purvis and Robert Wade will writing the script. What’s big about that pair is these are the guys that penned Skyfall.

The other cool aspect is that with Vin Diesel being the action star movie fans love, brings a certain amount of anticipation to this project.



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Kojak: deadline

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