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by on March 11, 2011

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For the fans of Jennifer Morrison, if you’ve missed seeing Ms. Morrison on the small screen, it’s time to plot your future television viewing habits!

Jennifer Morrison has landed the lead role in a new ABC drama pilot titled Once Upon A Time. She will star along with Josh Dallas, Jamie Dornan and Jared Gilmore and the story is an interesting twist on the world of fantasy and fairie tales.

The series “Centers on a woman with a troubled past who is drawn into a small town in Maine where the magic and mystery of Fairy Tales just may be real.”

Morrison plays a woman who ends up in a small town in Maine (why Maine, it’s always Maine!!!) where there’s an Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), Prince Charming (Dallas) and there’s also a Snow White (Goodwin) and a sheriff of Storybrooke (Dorman). Storybrooke is the name of the town.

The series is directed by Mark Mylod, whose resume includes Entourage and few directorial stints on Shameless & United States of Tara.

The series is written & created by the team of Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis. Horowitz & Kitsis’s joint resume includes TRON: Legacy & Lost & Felicity and the upcoming TV project called Tron Uprising.

To be honest, the lineage of the creative team behind this project would seem to lend credence to the idea that this may not suck! (I just can’t bring myself to say the word great or good yet. Sorry.)


I’ve noticed with this new season of upcoming TV fall season shows that there are familiar sounding themes with shows on the major networks, where I’ve heard these thematic approaches from either The CW or Syfy channel. In this case, Once Upon A Time seems to be parallel to Syfy’s Haven with the mythical and magical. It’s not a match, but it sure rings similar.

But regardless, maybe it will take off and give Jennifer Morrison a leg up on her TV career.

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